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Thread: Anyone know of any muscle relaxants that affect the bladder?

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    Default Anyone know of any muscle relaxants that affect the bladder?

    I'm wondering if there are any muscle relaxants that affect the bladder and if that would cause true incontinent for a brief period of time. Is there any thing like this either in chewable pill form or something. I can't take pills for some reason, I just can't seem to get em down lols.

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    Nothing you can get will do that without a prescription. Also don't even think about doing anything to cause it... It is an extremely bad idea. Really, experimenting with drugs to make you... urinate on yourself?
    Think about that for a minute.
    Is that really a good idea?
    Drugs are meant to treat illnesses, not create them.
    Don't go messing around with shit like this, you will seriously hurt yourself.

    I do offer a suggestion for loosing a bit of control temporarily.
    Drink a lot of water, eat pistachios, and drink tea.... should make it very difficult to hold yourself.. if that's what you want.

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    It was more of a curious question really. Just wanted to know if I could freely get something like it without a prescription.

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    nope, nothing that would effect you to that degree is freely available.

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    No company could make money off that.

    I could see the slogan now

    "WANNA PISS IN YOUR PANTS! WITHOUT ALL THE TROUBLE OF DRINKING WATER! Well heres your opportunity! Just take one capsle of "OHPISSIGOTTAPISS"! And youll be peeing just like a little baby! FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!"

    Although, I am sure there is something out there, there is most likely nothing you can buy that's not over the counter.

    Although, it is an interesting idea.

    PS. Maybe some kind of kidney stone medicine (IDK)

    PPS: yes I did have a lot of fun with this post.

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    Truth be told... toilet training is something that takes a long time to voluntarily reverse. Your best bet is to get in diapers 24/7 and stay in them. I've been at it since April of this year and I still have control. Now I can tell you that my bladder has shrunk quite a bit and my ability to hold has been majorly reduced... but I am still dry most nights. It is mainly a matter of consistancy, practice, and patience.

    Try to relax your bladder as much as possible during waking hours... if you feel even the slightest tingle that you might need to just let it out... and try to see how long you can wait after wetting before you let your bladder muscles contract again. Eventually your body will get the message that diapers are your new toilet... and that your bladder doesn't have to wait until it is full to relieve itself.

    You can take over-the-counter diuretics... waterpill and the like. These won't cause incontinence... but you will be going again and again.

    Just please, please, please be careful when taking pills. This kind of thing is not what these drugs are meant for... and taking too many over too short a period of time can really **** you up.

    If you want to increase urine production... stick with the natural diurectics when at all possible... cranberry juice, anything with caffeine in it, energy drinks... and beer.

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    I do, and urinary incontinence is a RARE side effect to a muscle relaxer my mom takes for her shoulder ( she has a pinched nerve, and other stuff wrong with it).

    But it's prescription, and they very rarely prescribe it. And, again, it's a less than 1% chance it would even make you incontinent.

    I'd try water pills, and drinking lots of water. It won't make you incontinent per se, BUT since you will be going a lot, it could possibly make the process of being incontinent quicker, by giving you LOTS of practice. ^_^

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    I'm not encouraging this but...

    I know when I took to many Vicoden pills for my back pain, it caused me to fall asleep and involuntarily wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    I'm not encouraging this but...

    I know when I took to many Vicoden pills for my back pain, it caused me to fall asleep and involuntarily wet.

    Those are still prescription pills though, so it falls into the realm of what everyone else has pretty much said

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