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Thread: OSU v Kansas final 4 game.

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    Default OSU v Kansas final 4 game.

    Anyone else catch the game? I am a huge Ohio state fan and i thought they had it in the bag by the way they looked at the end of the first half....but i was so disapointed Please tell me someone else saw that game >.>

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    Yeah I watched the last of the 2nd half, was a really close game, that last ditch effort back fired at the end but if it had developed a bit slower the game could have ended very differently

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    It seems Craft suddenly woke up when they finally lost their lead and was like "Oh hey i need to start playing offense" while Sullenger keeps racking up the fouls cause he is the only one playing aggressive defense. They had so many chances just to give kansas a whooping and never acted on them *facepalm* not to mention the foul on beuford and when they showed the playback of it even the commentators were like "uhhh, hes standing there....he made no attempt for the ball or the player, i honestly don't see where this foul is."

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    I am a KU fan, have been for years, (family connections) also HUGE NCAA fan.

    Was a great game, despite some calls that I felt were pretty bad early on. I really couldn't be happier about their progress as a team this year. I saw them play earlier this season and they looked like a high school team, Credit to Bill Self for being the best coach in the league by far, and taking them this far.
    Ohio State is a great team, I can't say anything bad them. But KU came out on top. They are a good comeback team.
    I look forward to the game on monday, While they are not projected to win, they weren't supposed to beat UNC or Ohio State, so GO KU

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    As much as i hate to say it >.< KU kicked OSU's ass the second guys earned it. OSU clocked out early and decided not to play the rest of the game till the final 5 minutes.

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    I watched it going for KU. Super excited

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