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Thread: Who Else Just Loves Yoga Leggings

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    Lightbulb Who Else Just Loves Yoga Leggings

    I was thinking of going by to Walmart to pick my self up some along with some other "female Fashion pieces".

    The leggings are just so damn comfortable and just feel so awesome. Sometimes even better to look at.

    What about ya'll. I can't be the only one.

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    I like American Apparel's leggings. I have a pair of velour leggings and I am thinking of getting some cotton spandex leggings as well

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    I think they're amazing! I wear them as much as I can! Even many of my guy friends mention that if it were socially acceptable they would wear them.

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    I constantly wear yoga pants. They're so comfy. <3

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    I always wear yoga pants,love the leggings as well

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    What do they look like? Do they come in cute prints?

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    i have a pair of yoga pants that a friend gave me a long time ago, i LOVE to wear them wit diapers cause it keeps everything tight and it accentuates the bulge extremely , plus they are warm n comfortable in all weather!, they are perfect and i want to buy more, any websites to order from community at large ?

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    I like the Pink yoga pants most of all, but I usually get them over at Old Navy. They're a lot cheaper than Victoria Secret and have almost as cute of designs.

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