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    Hello, All-
    Great site, so I decided to join... Early 40's, married with traditional family. Intense corporate / sales job but love the challenge. Job and family occupy most of my time, we have a developmentally challanged child that has been pretty consuming for most of the family. When I manage to shake free which is rarely, interests are gaming, philosophy, creativity / writing, and generally thinking about the world and how it's shaped by our perception of it.
    Have been a DL since teens... Current emphasis is bedwetting- both because of the DL interest but also because it represents a release for me... a point and place where I don't have to have control, whereas the rest of my life has much stress and requires a lot of control.
    Challenge is twofold, first, figuring how and the heck to actually accomplish the goal... wish there were a magic pill. Second, how to integrate with marriage of 10 years. My wife is accepting but doesn't want to participate. Grey area that is still being defined RE my wearing at night. Don't want to offend her but did wear for a couple of months straight at night and it added so much of a release for me, truly an incredible journey. Still, want her to feel good (or at least not at all bad) about it.
    Thanks for listening, hope I can help others here too!
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    Great intro! Have fun here and try to get involved!

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