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Thread: Introducing Myself.

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    Default Introducing Myself.

    Hello, my name's Chris, I am new here and I love to talk and I also LOVE to role play, I am very creative with ideas when I have someone who is the same way,

    I love theatre, am an avid Disney fan, am into music, I am looking forward to making new friends if I can, hope to talk to people soon

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    Oh! ChristheSwtich! That name just rolls off the tounge! Welcome to the site Chris!

    Roleplaying is really great, how did you first get into roleplaying? What sort of theater do you like and what are your favorite Disney movies? I have a ton of questions, it's always exciting to have a new member around. I hope you feel comfortable and have a good time here on ADISC! I think it's a pretty wonderful place.

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    hi Angel, I read your profile and I am very new to this and I can not figure out things, like chat, I use yahoo and msn and would sure love to talk with you via those if you have them, to answer your questions, I have always loved to be creative although I can not write paragraphs to save my life! I LOVE Musical theatre, regular plays are all right but I have a PASSION for Musicals both film and on stage, some of my favorite Disney movies are Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Happiest Millionaire, Pete's Dragon ... the list goes on, I am gay but can play bi in a rp if I have to do so, I also love to be both a baby and a caregiver as well.

    Hope to talk to you soon

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    I'll make sure to send a message your way then, keep an eye out for it.

    I've been uncomfortable with my own writing for a long time. I think it just takes a lot of effort, but a lot of effort can be really hard. I'm glad you have a release for it though. Musicals have always confused me since I was little, but the vibe about them is usually, I can tell, intoxicating and expressive so I can see why someone likes them.

    Your preferences and interests are really neat. I bet you'll make some good friends here.

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