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    Im a 40 yr old bedwetter from way back... I was forced to wear them to bed from about 7 yrs old until I could stay dry for 2 weeks strait... which didnt happen for almost 3 yrs beyond that... funny how the very thing I hated so much as a child became an obsession I still espouse today. Now Im diabetic and have nerve damage (neropathy) that leads to occational bedwetting, kinda good for me that I actualy enjoy wearing diapers today, makes it easy to accept wearing them as an adult. Im a strait, single, divorced, male, from Chicago area, NOT looking for another relationship anytime soon.

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    Welcome to ADISC Breeze2!

    It's always great to have another member among us. I hope that you have some great times here and make some good friends. Is the Chicago area a good place to live? I've never been a city person, but I hope that wherever you live you like it.

    A really great way to get known around here is to let us know your non-AB/DL hobbies and interests, it set's you apart from the random newbies that just join and don't really take part of the community. However, we all can understand if you are feeling shy and nervous, we all just want to be a supportive bunch and hope that you feel like talking. Either way, I hope you have a wonderful day and make a wonderful splash here on ADISC!

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