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Thread: diaper swell up and sagging

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    Default diaper swell up and sagging

    Yesterday I was wearing my dry 24/7s and used it quite abit, after almost a full day of use it was completely swollen and was sagging pretty well, I personally love the feel of a full diaper and even the sagging feeling,thank god i was wearing a onesie to help support the sagging diaper. Im wondering how many others like the swollen saggy diaper feeling, and i would also like some experience stories telling of swollen,saggy diapers. I just love the swelling inbetween the legs,and the pulling feeling wearing it

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    Love them. I like to fill them to the stated capacity to test them - which is usually about 3 litres. By that point, so they're so immensely heavy and bulky... and then I like to put on a big padded pvc diaper on them too, just to make things really impossible and bulky

    throwing them away is a problem after 3 litres though - they really do absorb quite well, and weigh about a kilo when I try to hide them in the trash. I'm terrified someone will start wondering why our trash is so heavy!!
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    Try sitting on the ground with a big saggy diaper make it squish in your crotch area, it feels rather good.

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    I love a saggy full diaper....when I'm at home wearing buy myself I use my diapers until they are so full I cant do anything but waddle to the bathroom to change! or until they start to leak....I never change before then!

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    I do the exact same TeddyBearGirl xD I figure i might as well squeeze every dime of fun i can get out of them

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    I totally agree MonarchMonk,i had a wet saggy diaper this morning,i sat down and had fun squishing it,felt wonderful. I loved wearing the saggy diaper,it felt great wearing it.

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    I love when my diaper gets so filled that it just is so nice and saggy and stuff, I just wanna make it swell up to as big as it can handle!

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    I DO indeed love the saggy and wetness of a diaper/pull-up! Such a stress-freeing feeling. Too bad I cannot ware them at this time..

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaseKase View Post
    I DO indeed love the saggy and wetness of a diaper/pull-up! Such a stress-freeing feeling. Too bad I cannot ware them at this time..
    yes that is the best thing.

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    I'll admit, that's my favorite thing too. I dunno what it is, but waddling around with a heavy saggy diaper makes me feel the most regressed out of anything. One thing I've found: baby diapers are full of SAP and make for good stuffers if what you're looking for is to add a lot of puffiness to a wet diaper.

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