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Thread: Who has the coolest. .

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    Default Who has the coolest. .

    Accent? There is worldwide representation here; who's accent do you think *rocks*?

    As for me, I think a Scottish, or Aussie accent is the coolest! I mean, "krikey"

    Tell it like it is!

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    I like British accents, but as long as I can understand what the person is getting across to me I really don't even notice accents anymore.

    Apparently people from Tucson have an accent, according to my Washingtonian friends.

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    Us Newfies have best accent!

    lord tunderin jesus' you dunno whattaya at bys

    heh just a little taste

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    A US southern accent, with a little bit of accent from the carolinas.
    A New Orleans Biyou accent is good to
    Or a nice Irish accent

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    Brits, hands down! I would give anything for an english accent. We had a couple guys with British Soccer Camp stay with us once, and all of my girl friends were talking about there accents! Ahhh! I want one! lol

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    British accent is probably the best.

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