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Thread: Bed mats = Diaper?

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    Default Bed mats = Diaper?

    Hi everyone..

    I was wondering, i am unable to obtain diapers at the moment, but craving them so badly.. does anyone know a way or if its even possible to make a diaper out of a bed mat? it seems to be the only thing i have that is like a diaper.. i was wondering if i would be able to wet it without it leaking all over the place?
    Any advice would be much apreciated. thank you.

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    hmm, I've used them as an outer containment type thing before. what you can do is fold them up like the towels in then put either a baby diaper in there or folded up towels or both in there for the bulk of your absorption you just tape them using duct tape or something similar have worked for me on several occasions when I couldn't afford to get adult diapers (a pack of baby diapers and a pack of bed mats + towels is a ton cheaper for a lot more use than adult diapers)

    best of luck and have fun!

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