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    I'm liger0, not my normal username but i will go with that one. Mainly due to typeing it in befor thinking, I stumbled across this site during my exploration of Ab/dl, meanings and trying to understand the concept, personality and behaviours, as i do when i find out about something new. I decided to join to both gather new information and find out more about my own desires in this kind of field.

    I can remember parts of my pass where i may have played in my room, regressed alittle, I know in my own world i never aged past 5 except once or twice when I desired to be the oposite sex in high school. (loooooong story) I know I had a short period of wetting the bed in my teenage years around sixteen due to stress and though i never thought about diapers then, recently reading stories, i have wondered what it would be like. I know my lack of experience nad knowledge will probably cripple any credibility i may have as someone to talk to. Though i prefer to be honest about these things.

    I do enjoy rping as a child, on some sites I am a toddler, though due to the people i am arround I have never felt comfortable rping the urge to use the bathroom. OR anything around that subject. Lately I thought about it, it would be interesting to do so and help to increase my understanding and awareness, the courage to do so may take some time though. I know i enjoy being cared about and I guess babied. I figured out the ages i would be comfortable playing.

    The main reason i thought about all this is if I ever got a partner who enjoyed these things I would already know if I could do it, I like to know alot of things. I also like to be open minded. I'm sorry if my wording offends anyone, I am not sure how lightly I should tread on any subject. So I'm going with how it happens in my head and hoping for the best.

    Now interests!, I enjoy alot of things, I rp on afew forums though not as many as i used to, Naruto based normally, one bleach another one is about people with powers. Majority of my characters tend to be from broken or dead parents, have terrible emotional scars and need to act as childish as possible to keep any sense of stability and happyness. Its kinda like me. (the childishness helping reclaim stability and happyness not the rest). I like to try and remain as innocent as possible. Even with all the corrupted thoughts and actions of the past. So one moment I'm bubbbly the next I'm brooding in a corner. Well maybe not exactly like that.. unless i'm feeling childish. ^^"

    I like to go to dnd once a month as a social thing since I work.. Alot. I'm a apprentice bookbinder, first year, though i worked at the factory for 2 years befor signing on to the apprenticeship. Did not see myself doing that trade for long. At the time i wanted to do security.. that is hard to do for me. AT least. So anyways, i do as much over time as I can, apprentice wages are low. I also have tafe once a month, and one night a week, due to doing both the apprentice course and a rebinding/handbinding course. Two different things.

    I guess thats enough about myself. Don't want to rant or waffle one ^^" so this is me. *flees to the cave of safety*

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    Hey buddy,

    welcome to the site. As you'll find out here soon, people joined for a lot of different reasons, but everyone is welcome who enters here with an open and honest mind. I'm pretty sure you'll find kindred spirits here, and you don't have to be a "professional" at all.
    If you want, you can join the Aussie Unite Group, there are quite a few people from the land of Oz here. Or visit the chat if you want to talk in real time.

    Have a good one, Cheers.

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    Whoa! Super amazing wonderful intro! Welcome to ADISC, member of amazing intro powers. I hope you'll stick around long enough to show us all the powers you have been blessed with!

    I want to start off with saying that lack of knowledge and experience doesn't mean anything to me, and I'm sure it doesn't mean anything to others. You seem like an intelligent and interesting person and I think personally that every person's opinions are worth hearing. I personally think it can be useful to have a more outside outlook on things, and I hope this site helps you.. with any feelings you might have involving the community interest. I'm sure a ton of people would be really happy to listen, myself included.

    RPing is always a fun way to express yourself and to.. play out any little scenarios that just seem fun to you but I can totally understand the feeling of including some things that some others might find gross into the mix. I always try to balance common sense with the intense desires I have.. but I personally bet you won't find people wouldn't be supportive of that kind of thing around here. What sorts of things are your favorite to RP?

    It's wonderful to try your best to be open minded, and I personally can't see anything that would appear to be offensive at all. You seem like a really nice person in fact.

    I've had experience with both (Naruto and Bleach) of the type of RP's you are talking about, though I haven't done that kind of thing in a while. What first made those types of RP's interesting to you? I tend to like to join violent based RP's then be my normal pacifistic maiden characters, which seems to get people kind of annoyed at me. I can totally bond with and understand that desire to remain as innocent and with as little 'corrupted' as possible, and it's a very common thought I have and I bet other people have around here too. What about innocence is the most appealing to you?

    I've always wanted to try Dungeon and Dragon's but I don't like doing anything with strangers and don't have any friends nearby that do that kind of thing.. so I haven't gotten the chance. How did you first get into playing Dungeon's and Dragons? Bookbinding seems pretty interesting as well, and if you wouldn't mind I would love to hear how you first got involved in that kind of thing as well.

    Welcome to ADISC again, super intro girl!

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    Thanks chucky, will definately do that.

    Thanks csaw700

    Wow, lots of text. Thank you gigglemuffinz, its good to get a second opinion, I was half asleep when I wrote the intro. So it wasn't as concise as I would of liked. Its nice to know I didn't come off badly, I appreciate the kind words. It will probably be awhile befor I am able to express myself fully, I tend to be shy and reserved about how much I let others know about myself. Which is probably why half the sentences where cut short in my introduction. lol.

    As I stated befor, majority of my characters tend to have emotional issues, either revolving around trust. Or just randomly breaking down. I think the best way to sum up what I will explain further. Is a quote from afew people I've rp'd with. "You enjoy tormenting your characters, don't you?" I do enjoy being able to express emotions through rp, I enjoy the diverse actions that can be explained when a character is injured or in a situation they do not like. I explore these things, if a character is hurt there is always panic, sadness, anger, and lastly pain. Then there is when someone is comforting them, so acceptance, fear, embarassment. All parts of whats happening. Body issues can be in play aswell. I don't have a particuliar favourite, I just enjoy being able to express an idea, or form. I tend to gravitate towards simple things, such as swimming or playing near a pond. (Either being able to, or not able to swim). Being a prankster (and i use that term loosely) and being silly. At any age.

    I have had friends request my help and to play a role I have never done befor, I enjoy doing that alot, learning new parts of myself. (I tend to put at least part of me in a character) or learning my limits as to what I can and can't do in the world of imaginary play online. Which makes me open to any role. Thus I really can't say what I prefer or favour because, it is everything. ^^" if that makes sense.

    I liked the cartoon and found a site, I started rping on a site called "naruto-rpg" which is a text based site, with a tavern that people talk and at times role play in. It wasn't strict role play as people tended to mix themselves and their characters in together. I did that alot, I could never actually get my head around that the person may not be themselves but a character at the moment. A friend asked me to join their naruto forum site. Which had a chatbox, for out of character conversing, which helped me get into the proper mind spaces of "This is my character." on forum, and "this is me" in chatbox. I enjoyed it alot, since I used to write short stories alot I enjoyed that I could be creative, and be a part of a story. That not only I created but was created by the community around me. Though I have never been able to fight properly. I understood how rp fights worked and how you worked on your characters strengths and weaknesses. I just was never able to understand and fully appreciate them when I did try and participate. I liked the social aspect instead, adn I completely understand how people would get annoyed about having a pacifist, or not entirely useful character as part of their site or village.

    I guess, The most appealing about innocense is how a simple action such as a hug, is and always will be. Just a hug, but others can take it completely wrong. It is just, something difficult to explain. Its just being able to see the world without judgments. Just a desire to enjoy yourself and help others enjoy themselves.

    Wow, you want a really long reply here. Alright, dungeons and dragons was a game my friend played, he wanted me to join in. Other friends didn't like the game but thats never stopped me befor. I used to play cards and he knew I liked writing short stories. He explained it to me, howit was all about storys but also about fighting. I tend to enjoy teh battle scenarios more so then the stories due to being shy and having characters that are more nature based so being in a city talking to a noble. Is not something my character would be good at doing and thinking up questions on the spot is hard for me so I tend to let others talk. I did enjoy letting them though as you can immerse yourself in the story by adding bits likes, "My characters nods in agreement," or if you want to use your name. "Lucan grins at the noble man and then looks at the party with renewed virgor as she takes her spear and thumps it on the ground" small things like that helped. Anyways sidetracking abit. He convinced me to go to a games shop with him and try the game out. They where all friendly, even though i was the only girl there. They all made me feel welcomed and accepted. Explaining the rules and being very patient with me as I learnt how to make a character and how the game mechanics worked, when I could speak and when I had to listen to know what was going on. If you ever work up the courage to go to one, or take a friend to make it less intimidating, I'm sure you could make friends with those that play the game regularly and you would be more comfortable going alone. It is a enjoyable experience, but it all depends on who you are with and how good your DM is, as different parties enjoy different aspects of the game. I.E, some enjoy roleplay, others enjoy quests and money. others enjoy problem solving.

    Again a friend was how I ended up in bookbinding. I needed a job, his place needed a extra hand and his boss asked if he knew anyone. His boss made sure I knew I would be expected to work as hard as the boys. (proved I could do so and better depending on the boy :P) I ended up as casual, full time, then apprentice.. since I did not want to be a apprentice due to my wages being dropped and me doing the exact same thing for less money, but the certificate and wages once finished make up for it. My friend quit soon after though so I no longer work with him, so that was abit dissapointing.

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    I hope that my long reply to your intro wasn't too surprising for you, and that you enjoyed replying to me because I certainly enjoyed reading your reply!

    You sound just like an amazing RPer. You remind me of the few people amazing at it that I know, and I bet you are just a joy to do so with. I put some of myself in characters, but I find it very hard to RP a character so extremely different from myself.. not out of being able to portray them correctly, I can. I just find it boring, I guess. How do you keep yourself from being bored? Just how RPing as someone else helps you learn more about yourself, like you said? I feel like that would be hard with a character so extremely different from yourself.

    I understand that it might seem annoying, but I don't think the RP should be so based on violence, in a shonen where a lot of violence is common place, to where a pacifist character couldn't find a place. They would try hard to solve situations with their words and mind, and I don't know if useless is the word I would use for them. Their uses just lie in other areas, even if it's just adding some diversity to the RP. That's what I think, anyway. They also tend to make rather effective damsel-in-distresses which I do think have a place in helping inspire other characters. Maybe I'm just odd for wanting to RP that kind of thing though.

    The way you describe innocence was sweet. That's a wonderful aspect to it, people believing your actions are what they are and not assuming you have so ulterior motives.

    Dungeons and Dragons sounds just as interesting, I'm really hoping I can try it soon. Too bad I don't know much people in the area who are anything like me. What is your favorite aspect of the game? I'm guessing quests and money?

    You sound like a strong, awesome person and I hope you grace us with your presence more in the future. I'm always willing to talk that's for sure.

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    I did enjoy both readig, and replying to you, It is part of a being social, and you express yourself in a kind, warm, accepting mannor. So of course it is enjoyable because I would not feel you would at all judge or think harshly of my response. Maybe disagree which is always a possibility but not in a negative manor. Freedom of expression and acceptance of differences is always something I enjoy in a person. I have always been the type to accept and answer all questions and if you ask I will be sure to answer, even if I answer in a round about manor. Its kind of like my trusting without trusting, while i will answer sometimes I wouldn't say anything unless asked directly.

    Thank you, I thought you might be a rper concidering the long post length. I am told I am fun to rp with but I still believe it depends on what the person wants out of the rp, if it is entertainment, or a serious conversation. The second one is hard with my characters. I have gotten bored with a character, if you have ever seen revolutionary girl Utena, a freind wanted me to play Anthy. I both did not like the idea due to A, Not knowing the character well and B, personally disliking anything feminine. (tomboy always and forever but can express myself in feminine manors and rp as a femi.. If I have to. ) I found myself exploring that part of me and found that I could enjoy it, by just forgetting that it was different from myself and focusing enitirely on the character. I also found myself wanting to see the reply and using that as a drive, just with anything, I kept myself going with it by thinking. "I wonder what the other will do, will it be option a or b, or something i didn't even think of!" . I admit its not full proof but I understand having a difficult time rping a character that is difficult from yourself.

    Another example would be when I had to pretend to be peins daughter. (I was friends with the person playing him and he wanted someone he trusted and was on regularly to play her, gave me the basics of her demeanor and powers adn said the rest was up to me. how I portrayed her was completely open) At this point, I played exclusivly childish girls who where wild and always on the hunt for adventure. Not a sadistic, regal, well mannored young lady who could handle herself and would never hide from anyone. It was a interesting experience and I did the same with her, I enjoyed watching others reactions to her more so then playing her. But I used that to my advantage, It helps that I enjoy seeing how people react and noting different personality mixtures. I like observing peoples behaviour. That may have helped. Everyone has a different mix. And seeing them come together is always a great experience in my view. Also playing something completely different allows me to see how far my tolerance goes, and discover new parts. e.g, I did not know how far I could go on the sadistic side of things, Though i made her caring and loving she also had a very discriptive way of dealing with people who made her mad.

    I hope that helped even if just alittle. I've never been great at explaining things. I also analyse alot, and analysing something I've done helps me to understand different parts of myself aswell. So that would go for rping, why did that scenario intrige me?, what part did I like best?, why did I smile when I typed that when I normally would be afraid of that action?'. Things along those lines but also different parts, these are just examples.

    I would love to know what aspects you enjoy roleplaying or scenarios, as I already know the damsel in distress will surely be one. I would love to hear more.

    Well I had that difficulty, I know that it shoulnd't be difficult at all for a pacifist to be added in and I had that same feeling. There was so many people that were the hero. That, there was no one to save, no one to just be the person that looks up to them and wishes to be like them. I got alot fo complaints about it when I tried it and alot of peopel didn't want to rp but instead wanted fights, and declaration of wars etc. And joked my character would die very quickly in this world. It crushed my hopes, so I had her become someones apprentice and be taught how to use magic etc. You are not odd for wanting that and I think if you find a community that accepts and welcomes it. Then I believe you are lucky and should cherish it.

    Actually I enjoy the roleplaying aspect of the game when it isn't involving nobles. When it is just us, talking to demons, trying to get past gates, tryign to convince someone to help us or beating the hell out of someone and intimidating them into telling us where his boss is. Especially with a expressive dm who puts on voices and acts out the scene in front of us. It is always so interesting. We even had a character intimidate a dragon. It was hillarious how that was played out, secondly I enjoy battles. (though when I started battles where my first favourite thing) due to the flavour text and how some dms actually made comments during battle like your sword caused a seeping wound, or (For me since I play a shaman) your spirit companion leaps into battle, passing through the enemys body, its attack missing as it reforms itself into a solid creature, too late to cause serious harm. As I said depends on the DM. But knowing that you beat a bunch of enemys helps aswell :P even without the flavour. Then money and lastly traps. Because sometimes, I just want to sleep rather then think at DnD.

    Thank you, I feel alot better and less nervous now about being here. I would love to talk with you more. And will definately come by when I have free time more often.

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    Im also an RPer but i dotn Normally right like a billion word posts Lol but I do Like a good rp Im More on the RPG violence side But I do like normal simple ageplay situatuons im not one for sexual though

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    I still can't wrap my head around the sexual side of this. >> The age play is easier on my brain. I'm slowly getting there though.
    Rpg violence is fun in video games > with a very loose story adn lots of weapon slots. But besides that its nice to know there are other roleplayers about.

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    Welcome to the site. Rping is alot of fun and i enjoy it. It has been awhile that i have played DnD. Sorry i am not much of a welcoming person. anyway enjoy your stay here.

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