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Thread: First Time Wearing With Roommates in the House.

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    Default First Time Wearing With Roommates in the House.

    As of now I am currently wearing while my roommates are in the house (I wrote in a previous post that I would not wear unless my roommates were out of the house for at least 24 hours... but I have since contradicted myself). Anyone have stories they would like to share where they did this? Any situations to avoid or advice that may be helpful?

    I personally don't like the crinkle of a diaper when I am trying to be discrete, but do like a little bit of crinkle when I am alone or have enough noisy clothing on to hide it, how noisy is it to others around me? Am I being paranoid or is it noticeable while walking around in a quiet house? Let me know, I don't like too much risk at one time so it is good to hear others' experiences.


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    They can't hear you at all. I've worn bambinos under a robe and got no attention at all.
    by the way, I'd say in the future, just go with it. if you feel like wearing, just do it. You're living with these people, I'm sure if they found out they could make room for your love of diapers in their life and in the house.

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    Hi Doubtful.
    It really depends on the diaper, what you are wearing with the diaper and what you are doing. when I used to wear at home, when still living with family (all those years ago) I used to just try to move around as little as possible when others were in close proximity. I only have, and only will wear crinkly plastic diapers, so will continue to use that approach when in quiet places. For me, the hardest bit was changing. The un-fastening of the tapes on aome diapers is very loud, so can raise some suspicion, as I have experienced.

    Out and about in public, nobody will ever hear it, even if you think that they might.

    Wear and be happy. Harmless pleasure that needs to be enjoyed!
    Take care

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    Thanks for the input; especially about the tapes! I will be sure to take them off slowly. I just went to my local store to buy some drinks for the 'occasion' and I could barely hear it, and I know it was not noticeable aside from the slight 'waddle' of a thick diaper (I use Bambinos with Quad Boosters by the way). I even wet a little while waiting in line. I feel much more comfortable about going out with it on as of late, but as summer closes in I will probably not do this often (but my decisions change on a whim so you never know). I welcome the cautions and input, so thank you very much!


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    when I use to live with roommate I use to put the diaper on in bed and take it off when I had the bath water running to maxed the sound of the tape ripping.

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    Doubtful, the two things that will give you away to roommates faster than anything else are smell and sound during a change. If you get even the faintest whiff of odor from your diaper, in a home environment it's time to change. Others will notice the smell before you.

    The ripping of tapes and crinkling of plastic during a change will certainly give you away, also. Some folks run water in the bathroom or wait to flush the toilet until the diaper goes on, etc. Otherwise, just make sure you are in a safe, fairly soundproof area. If in your room, turn on the stereo, etc. You know your environment and can engineer it better than we can advise you.

    As long as you are careful and prudent, it shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy!

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    I'm pretty sure my housemates know anyway (well, so much, nappies being one bit). I do try to not shove it under their noses and keep things relatively behind closed doors. I have worn a nappy under other clothing before though.

    I also don't really talk to them much, I rent a room in a house and generally we keep ourselves to ourselves. I have overheard some talking along the lines of me being "odd and quirky" but I really don't care! I does help that we don't really talk and have completely different friendship groups.

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    The smell was the thing that worried me the most. After a day with it very well used, they only motivation I had to change in the morning what that I was afraid that my roommates would ask what the smell was. Thanks for the advice!


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