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Thread: The Music Video Thread

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    Default The Music Video Thread

    Ok, so here's my logic behind making this thread. Rather than make a clone of the billions of threads with a narrow musical subject (dealing with one band, one genera, ect...) I decided this forum needs a music thread that is wide spread enough that anyone can find something to post in it.

    After all, a great dog once said.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake The Dog View Post
    Everything brainless likes music !
    So really it's quite simple. Post a link to a music video (more than one if you wish), talk about it, converse with people about their tastes/your tastes/ect....

    Two rules:

    1. Don't bash anyone for their taste in music. I don't care if it sucks really bad, trolling isn't the point of this thread.

    2. No Rick Roll-ing !!!

    Now the only catch will be getting people to follow along with this thread. I'll start it off....

    Coheed And Cambria - Junesong Provision

    Bob Dylan - Changing Of The Guards

    Faith No More - Take This Bottle

    DotEXE - Anything You Want

    Let's see how this goes.

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    boondox red mist, best song ever but dont hate on the music video
    Boondox- Red Mist - YouTube

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    I know what some may think of my tastes in music being rather old, but what is more ironic is...

    My choices:

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    Ooooh, Lollipop, I love that song. First heard it watching Stand By Me.

    Anyway, wow, I don't really know. I don't have a whole ton of music videos to talk about, as I generally don't watch them.

    One I have always thought was really cool was the music video for I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones, link here

    The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated (HQ) - YouTube

    And as a furry and a massive Journey fan, as well as fully able to appreciate how good this animation is for being done by one guy with an ordinary computer, I find this very cool

    Rockoons TV by Tirrel in HD 720p - YouTube

    I'm sure i'll post more as I think of them.

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