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    Hey guys im wondering in a couple of days im getting more diapers and in australia with out oing online really all i can get are dpends fitted breifs and tena slip maxi. i was wondering is it worth getting baby wipes and powder and creams? The main thing that concearns me with them is how much smell do they make because i need to be pretty descreat about it. I wear proable for maybe 4 hours if i feel like it and i just really dont know waht to do about the other stuff. Oh and is there any thing that i get that will make the smells of a used daiper wet and messy? other than drinking water to diluet it.

    Is there anything else i should condsider getting as well and i would like to know the pros and cons of the stuff to thanks.
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    Well, you defintly want baby wipes for clean up unless you are taking a shower right after to take off your diaper- they make for easy clean up. They have scented and unscented wipes. I dont know much about diaper cream because I dont use it, but I seen others on here say that if you are going to mess your diaper to wear cream- this will help keep you from getting a rash. I dont find that a wet diaper smells that much, but unfortunatly there isnt anything that can really be done for a messy diaper- it will always smell. But maybe if you are really concerned with smell, you could wear body spray or something? Hope this helps happy diaper time!

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    baby powder holds off the sweating and irritation for awhile but it has its limits.

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    yeah normaly i have a shower after using toilet paper but as for the smell really pee doesnt unless you dont drink enought water and even then its minimal and as you said mess will always stink so i dont unless its a rare occasion. i was morely meaning the smell of the baby wipes powder cream and stuff like that because my parents dont know about the diapers so i would like to not have the smell of freash baby wipe on me because they will know what that smell is right away. although i guss deoderant is pretty good at masking smell but thanks for the replys.

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    well, like I said they have unscented wipes you could use those. But alot of people use baby wipes that dont use diapers; it is good for going poo. If it ever became an issue say you use them when you wipe so you dont get irratated down there. Powder wont smell much under your diaper and clothes. I dont know about creme though

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    yeah cool so ill get some non scented wipes and some powder are there any other things that you guys surgest getting or trying any baby items or stuff like that? im not really a fan of the marshmellow trick and bananna already don it and found its not my thing. but anything that you can get a super market.

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