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Thread: Hey guys and gals!

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    Default Hey guys and gals!

    New arrival, been into diapers since I was 15 and since found myself swaying towards a more adult baby role and totally loving it!

    When I'm not in diapers I'm either working my boring job as a cellar hand in a winery (don't even like wine), playing computer games or travelling round the world (Going to Vietnam in June

    I'm here for some good chat with some like minded people as in public people like ourselfs may seem few and far between but when we all get together we have a community!

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    Welcome to ADISC and a happy welcome to being apart of the community you just described. I'm glad you are loving who you are, that's the most important thing you an do I think.

    What sorts of computer games do you like and where have you been around the world? I think it's just so cool that you get the chance to see other places and all of that.. I hope it's as awesome as it sounds.

    I don't really like wine either, blech. Another happy welcome, this was a super wonderful intro.

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    Welcome! What kinds of games do you play? I'm curious because I'm an avid gamer myself.

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    I don't have like a PS3 or Xbox at the moment as I have a rather nomadic lifestyle but just before I left home I found an N64 at a garage sale with Goldeneye, Super Mario and Zelda, I had totally forgot what an awesome games console it was!

    At the moment I'm travelling in Australia and doing a bit of working to keep the funds up but in the past I've been to Amsterdam, Poland, Thailand, Serbia, Dubai, a few places in Canada and Vegas. The one place I totally want to tick off is New Zealand, kiwis are sch awesome people

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    Hello fellow South Australian,

    welcome to ADISC. Hope you enjoy it here. I can imagine that quite a few people would like your job. Travelling the world is always a good idea, I hope you'll have a good trip. In the meantime, you can check out the Aussie Unite Group.


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