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    Default Help please!

    I know this doesn't belong and feel free to move it or delete it after 5:31PM PST

    This forum has the most viewing so I have to bust out the big guns here if we're gonna win.

    Get 8-Bit - VOTE HERE!

    My friend Ross made it to the FINAL round of a competition he deserves to win so bad. Takes all of TWO seconds to vote. No signups. Simple. Clean. Easy.

    Please vote for 8-Bit Zombie!

    On behalf of all that is awesome that came from the 80's, retro video games, cartoons, movies, etc ....

    Share this EVERYWHERE you can. Facebook, Twatter, friends, family, etc. I'm sorry for the spam but you know I never do this kind of thing.

    LESS than TWO Hours to go, down by 100 or so votes. We can do this!


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    The website won't allow me to access it from a mobile device. No fair!

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    I voted for your friend, but he's not gonna make it if I look at the numbers. Now if you don't mind there's a sleepie fox in Belgium.
    Yes, that's me. I'mma hit the sack. Goodnight peeps.

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    Oh my gawsh they won! That was a super awesome comeback! Congrats to your friend!

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