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Thread: Everyone Will End Up In Diapers

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    As a society we have been conditioned to accept babies in diapers. Do you think society is conditioned to accepting all the older folk that will end up in diapers?
    With everyone living longer and the sales of adult diapers increasing all the time do you think society is accepting older people in diapers?

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    i doubt that this kind of thing will occur any time soon. The problem is that there is still a lot of stigma attached to older people wearing diapers. Sure, things are changing slowly (look at Japan that held a catwalk displaying different types of incontinence products) but it is something that is still deep seated in society. Not to mention the fact that the person themselves feel a lot of embarrassment towards being in such a situation and having to rely on others for help (something that we are not very good at doing in general) and more often than not, try to hide the fact or themselves completely because of the need to wear diapers.

    You have to realise that for someone truly suffering from incontinence, they are feeling like this is going to be a huge thing in their life and suddenly needing to wear diapers is a drastic lifestyle change. This change can cause people to become reclusive whilst some people carry on living normal lives. However, i can guarantee (and correct me if i am wrong) but people who do have incontinence still feel nervous when they try to hide it or come across someone who does not know they have this issue.

    Yes, adult diaper sales are increasing but i don't think that generally means that society's openness and willingness to accept it is going to increase with it. People might be more aware of it and might be more tolerable, but i doubt that is really accepting it.

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    I hate to be grim but not everyone grows old enough to need diapers. People die prematurely all the time, skipping that stage of life, so the title "Everyone will end up in diapers" is not accurate.

    Adult diaper sales are increasing because of the baby boom. A huge generation is getting old at the same time, and the increased proportion of old people leads to an increased proportion of incontinent people. Also, I don't feel society is conditioned to accept older people in diapers, but I don't have any experience in that regard. I feel it's a sort of stereotype for old people, but not a very respected stereotype. To most people, the very thought is disgusting and has numerous negative stigmas attached to it.

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    Yes, as far as I can tell, most older people don't end up in diapers. I was standing behind a significantly elderly couple at my pharmacy, and they were buying a large pack of Depends. They seemed nonchalant about it, and I tried not to notice them. Older people have a lot of options and many are online. My 90 year old mother in law has her own Ipad and plays Scrabble with my wife and also Facetimes with her. She lives in Florida. She is not incontinent. But for those who are, I don't think they see it as a social problem, just a medical one.

    My take is this. It's not necessary to see the whole world in diapers. We, for some strange reason, enjoy them and wear them for either sexual satisfaction, or a sense of inner peace. Even though society cannot understand our attachment to diapers, harboring a desire that society can't understand, doesn't demand that they have to understand or accept us. I'm okay with hiding my desire from society. I don't need them to either understand me or accept me. I have the ability to act responsibly and rationally, keeping this a secret from others. Besides, everyone lives in some sort of glass house.

    When I was in college, I lived exclusively as a gay male. The student body knew we were a couple. Some were accepting and some not. This was in a day and age when you could be put in a mental institution if you were discovered to be gay. I lived in the underworld, and enjoyed it. I am who I am, and I know I'm different. Instead of feeling persecuted, I feel like a champion, like I come out at night when I see the bat signal. It's okay to be different, and maybe preferable for some of us. We are the littles, the gentle ones. We are a community, one that cares about each other. This site is testimony to that, and that is enough.

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    I think that as we approach the limit where it might become socially acceptable for younger people to be in diapers because of incontinence issues we would find an alternative solution.

    It's certainly an interesting topic to think about.

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    well working in the health sector I have to toe the party line and say 'Incontinence is not a symptom of old age' only 15% of elderly people suffering incontinence suffer from a condition that makes them physically incontinent many have it due to alzhemers, dementia and other faciltiy related conditions. the causes of incontinence in these people is cause by word blindness, cut vision, disassociation reflex and a mriyad of other reasons but the patient may not be physically incontinent.

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    Short of some new disease that wrecks the various sphincters (crotch polio) popping up I think it will get less common. They can grow people new bladders now and the rest of the parts are probably in the works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    As a society we have been conditioned to accept babies in diapers. Do you think society is conditioned to accepting all the older folk that will end up in diapers?
    With everyone living longer and the sales of adult diapers increasing all the time do you think society is accepting older people in diapers?
    Adult diaper sales are likely increasing due to the baby boomers getting older each passing year, and having health problems resulting in incontinence. They are a rather sizable generation after all. At best this is wishful thinking, at worst it's down right foolish. Plus we got medical professor's studying and trying to cure incontinence, which I assume is likely to happen or at the very least be better managed within the next 60 years.

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