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Thread: Greetings boys and girls

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    Default Greetings boys and girls

    My name is pvc, purely because I love the stuff. [Removed]

    By day, I'm a web developer and techie. I love anything tech related, gaming, and gardening.

    Came here to find like-minded individuals, drum up some more readers for my blog, and see if I can help anyone.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Welcome to ADISC! Admitting my lack of knowledge, I had to google what PVC was before I started typing this. It's as good a nickname as any, rolls right off the.. mental tongue as it were.

    It's sure wonderful to hear your intentions as a member of the site, especially in that you seem like you would like to help someone if you could. That's always just the kind of attitude that makes me a happy member of this site, and I sure do think that the supportive atmosphere and like-minded individuals you are seeking are going to give you the same feeling. If you are ever the one who needs support one day, I'm sure you'll find this site happy to help.

    Oh, your hobbies seem really interesting to me. What sorts of "tech" things do you think are your greatest strengths, the things you are most proud of? What kind of gamer are you and what are some of your favorite games? When did you get into gardening and what do you like about it? I love to plant and grow things as well, only my paralyzing fear of bees keeping me from surrounding myself with flowers on a constant basis.

    Welcome again to ADISC, hope you have a wonderful time! I'll be sure to check out your blog!

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    Welcome! What games are you into? I'm a big fan of FPS and RPG (on the Xbox 360 primarily), and I dabble a bit in RTS (e.g. Age of Empires, Starcraft). I also love Minecraft, though I'm not sure exactly what category it falls into (sandbox / RPG perhaps).

    I'm a techie as well, and I've done some web work (mostly design, with some development in there as well).

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    Cute name "gigglemuffinz" and even cuter avatar Sorry about my nick, I just went with pvc as I love the stuff.

    Games... I used to be a big RTS gamer on the PC, but lately I stick to Xbox360, FPS and RPG mostly. Skyrim, Fallout, CoD, Battlefield. Quite enjoying the absurdity of Saints Row 3 right now :P

    With regards to tech - I have been called an Apple fanboy, but mainly I just got tired of re-installing windows every 3 months to keep things running nicely. I appreciate being able to actually use my apple gear for productive things nowadays more than the constant tinkering that I used to enjoy. I'm a big fan of anything 3D - and planning to post some 3d pics of me at some point on the blog, so that should be fun.

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    I still haven't gotten around to playing Skyrim yet, but I love the Elder Scrolls series (I've played the heck out of Morrowind and Oblivion, though mostly the latter). I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas (though I haven't "finished" either one), and I'm also a big fan of CoD. I prefer to play MW2 and MW3 online - in fact, I haven't finished the campaign for either game.

    I've become an Android fanboy lately, owning a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and an Asus Transformer Prime, and I've come to seriously dislike Apple for all the nasty legal moves it has been pulling to stifle competition. I don't plan on buying any Apple products anytime soon, mainly because of this but also because of the high cost of Macs (relative to PCs with comparable specs).

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