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Thread: Luvs diaper smell found!!

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    Default Luvs diaper smell found!!

    Im sure we all have different noses, but from years of smelling luvs diapers and looking for the closest smelling thing, I have found it!! In my honest opinion, the smell that comes 95% to smelling identical to the Luvs Diapers Scent is Suave Powder Deoderant for women! I was just chilling in my room one day when I was trying to explain to my wife the importance of that smell and the nostalgia that comes with it, then I went to put on my deoderant (Yes i use womens deoderant) and then I stopped... because I had just finished smelling a luvs diaper to use as an example in my discussion with my wife, and I smelled the Deoderant stick and Gasped as if I had just discovred a new strain of evolutionary DNA.... Next time you are near your local drug store/pharmacy/grocery store, pick yourself up a stick of Suave Powder Womens Deoderant!!! Rub it lightly (or intensely if you want, i do it lightly) on the diaper all over, the outside or inside, and bask in its glory!!! Do all your diapers and watch as your entire stash smells like a LUVS filled diaper bag!

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    I was ganna get some theraflu right now cause im sick haha. And ima buy some of that deodorant along with my medicine

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