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    So i'm wondering about everyone's skin care habits and any suggestions you might have

    Now I have pretty good skin my face doesn't seem to ever get oily and very seldom do I get a break out, unless they are from stress no with me my face feels very dry and If you've seen any of my pictures you've seen I have very dark circles under my eyes, I also have a horrible time shaving, when I shave I get a lot of irritation and cuts.

    So here's my questions:
    Q: What do you use for softer, smoother & a more gloving complexion?

    Q: What can I do for dark eyes? (If anything most of my problem is stress from weak eyes)

    Q: Any suggestions on a better shave? I always shave after a hot shower, I've used both Cream & Gel, I've tried soaking a cloth in hot water and laying it on my face to loosen things up none of which seem to help. I'm getting a hot lather machine but can't order it until next week

    Any help and suggestions will be great!!!!

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    I second the question about black circles under the eyes

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    for the dry and cracking skin you should try using a daily moisturizer with SPF every morning after shaving, this could also help with after-shave irritation like this Aveeno Positively Radiant, Daily Defense, SPF 30

    for the under eye dark circles, you should A try and sleep more, but another thing that can help is using a nightly under-eye moisturizing cream possibly an anti-aging one to help tighten things up and restore collagen to the area, for a fast-fix you can look at getting some under-eye concealing make-up, revlon makes an amazing one

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    I tend to have bad under eye darkness too. It depends on the cause of it, but there are some things to fix it. If it's just a pigmentation/under eye circles problem, then you can simply use a concealer to cover it. I'm cheap so I use Revlon since they don't test on animals. Proper nutrition/sleep/etc will also fix that to a degree. If you have "tear troughs" or just like a combination of high cheek bones and slight hollowness under the eyes, there's nothing you can really do. There is a shadow cast there, it isn't your skin, and you can't do squat about it. Unfortunately that's the case for me. It's bone structure. If I had the money and weren't concerned about keeping my eyesight I'd eventually use injections to fill and smooth the area out. >.< But I'm poor and an artist and convinced that it might ruin my eye sight.

    For skin care I have a really similar skin type to yours with the addition of mine being sensitive. Normally I don't use anything and will just wash it with water when I shower. (I also change my pillow cases frequently to get rid of the oil build up problem which is often a major source of breakouts for people.) For special times when I want to look a bit more glowy I will exfoliate using salt and water. I'll rinse well, then use a honey mask and sometimes cetaphil moisturizer.

    And then, when I have the money, which is rarely, I splurge and use Lush. It's definitely got an upper middle class college student activist marketing ploy to it (organic, vegan/vegetarian/no animal testing/little to no preservatives/natural/good for the animals and environmentally friendly in spite of the fact you're ordering this from Canada and having it shipped to you/etc). But I can't help liking it anyway, and they do mean well. It's ridiculously pricey, so like I said, it's only for extremely special occasions. It does wonders for my skin and I'm always like "I look like how girls are supposed to look!!!!" (My less activist and more well off friends use Clinique and Mac). But I use Lush's aqua marina cleanser, a toner (Eau Roma- I split it into two diff bottles and water it down because it's waaay over priced for what it is) and the celestial moisturizer.

    Basically more expensive stuff just works better and it drives me nuts because it's always just out of reach. I'd look awesome if I could afford to use this stuff regularly. (I did use Lush regularly for a little while- it just costs too much to do that. It did wonders for my skin though.) I either use the expensive stuff or very minimal product and then just carefully do other stuff unrelated to skin care directly to make sure I don't break out. (Clean pillow cases with less chemical stuff to avoid reactions, eat less oily foods, drink plenty of water, shower ever other day rather than every day for dryness... I've eliminated the sources of most break outs aside from occasional ones on my back. I suspect the problem with that is the chemicals in my conditioner/shampoo but haven't bothered with changing that because my hair looks fine and I don't want to deal with experimenting with it when I can just avoid backless things.) Finding the source is important, and I suspect any dryness for you would be the stripping of natural oils with shaving cream. I don't know how you'd go about fixing that other than a good moisturizer and possibly a toner for the ph balance.

    Shaving is really drying and chemical-ly- which means you might need other chemicals to balance the chemicals you're putting on there with shaving lotion. =x Keeping a good ph balance on your skin is important, not to mention the natural oils that are stripped, although the extra exfoliation you're getting means you'd have to do less of that... I tend to not use shaving cream but also

    For the better complexion, you could also mix a tiny bit of foundation in with moisturizer to create your own tinted moisturizer. It's very light if you do it right and most people wouldn't notice you're wearing anything. I tend to modify my products a lot.

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    Thank you all very much for the tips!!!!! I'll have to look into these things next month (when I have money again) but i'll definitely look into it. I'm not really wanting to do this to feel more sissy or girly, I've just started noticing i'm not ageing very well at all, to many years of stress, drinking, poor diet and lack of proper hygiene(think I spelled that right) have left me looking old before my years!!!!! So it's high time I did something about it

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    i am real leery about saying this here......
    but i have had some real good success with taking care of my skin. and i am old enough to have the experience to know that it workes!

    the first point is obvious. don't smoke at all, and don't hang-out in the sun.

    the second point i am not so sure about is that of drinking; i don't think it helps your skin but as i never drank i don't know about this.

    the third and most important point is this, and it is only for those who really really want good skin (and SRS)......
    "premarin".... 5 or 10 mg a day.....
    i started mine young and i am 57 now. my skin still fells like a babies bottom everywhere on my body......

    there, now i said it
    shoot-me (closes eyes)

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