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Thread: If you had one dream... one shot... what would you do?

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    Default If you had one dream... one shot... what would you do?

    As I watch the opening series from Tokyo on MLB Network I'm reminded of my dream to go to Japan. For YEARS I've wanted to go to Japan, England and my ancesteral home of Germany- would you do it if you had one chance, one moment?

    Would you take the trip?

    I ask because I want to know what others would do if they had a chance to live a dream. One of my life-long dreams is to travel internationally. I have never been outside North America and I'd love to see other parts of the world. I've been to Mexico and Canada, but never overseas. In 2009 My mom and dad got to go to the Netherlands with my father's job and he said this to me,

    'Ever get a chance to do something like that, take it. It may have been a working trip but it was worth it. VERY worth it to see another part of the world!' - My mother had previously traveled to England in '86 with my aunt- her sister so she had some experience in living a once in a lifetime shot. Before that, my father had previously never been outside North America.

    If you had one dream, just one- WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

    I am not talking AB related, AB nursery or fantasies but something you want to do in real life. I'm thinking about this as I watch this game live from the Tokyo Dome.

    Just one thing you want to do. One dream... just one. I know I made a previous post on this in '08 but I have been wondering about what people would do now with all the new members that have since joined ADISC.

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    I'd like to spend 6 weeks driving round each of Asia, Australasia, Europe, and N.America, I sort of have a route for Europe and N.America planned out, I want to see as much of the history as I can and experience all the natural wonders, stand on mountains, look out over oceans, leave nothing but foot prints (tire tracks), take nothing but photos, all so that I bring the world home and share it with my students (because I plan to be a teacher)

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