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Thread: new to this site.

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    Smile new to this site.

    I'm new here just checking things out trying to see what this community is all about. if you have any questions send me a PM and ill try to get back to you as soon as i can. this wolf is very bay with his studies so hopefully it will be quick.

    take care all and let the endeavors of tonight take you on an adventure.

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    Hey there taters, and welcome to ADISC! If I had to sum up what this community is at it's best, and what our goal is to be, is a supportive site for people who people who tend to find that diapers are rather involved in one way or another in their daily lives... though as I say that I worry that somehow is still excluding people.. because I know that's not what I'm about and I'm sure that's not what the site is trying to be either. I'm pretty sure ADISC's main goal is to be supportive, and support is what I hope every new member not only receives but also brings to the table.

    You say that if anyone has any questions, they should PM you.. and while I'm sure hoping you would get some PM's that way and be able to make some friends.. you might be a bit more approachable to the people who would really get along with you if you just said some basic things about yourself. If you are feeling shy, please.. feel free to just talk about your hobbies or just things you like. Anything can help you find like-minded people. If you could though.. what made you interested in the site and it's subject, how you ended up coming here, and what you hope to achieve while you are here would be lovely things to hear too. Whatever you are comfortable with.

    Either way, I hope you have a pleasant day, night, and a very happy welcome to ADISC!

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