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    I was sitting up in class (intro to music teaching) and my professor was telling us how he went to a convention in Atlanta I think. While he was telling the story he told us how he was in the same hotel that furries were in. He proceeded to tell us that furries are the weirdest and most un-normal people you will meet. A few people laughed but, I thought how he could be so judgmental. I just wanted to tell him off.

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    Meh, people are entitled to their opinions. Maybe he was attending the furry convention? Wanted to gauge peoples reactions so he could come out of the "furry closet"

    As for us being the most un-normal, who has a definition of what "normal" actually is?

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    Since no 2 people are alike, if there was a 'normal' person they would be the only one in existence. Because one could say that any slight change from that one person would be an 'abnormality'. So if you can't be the definition of normal, why try to be close.

    That being said..... I am normal and you all are weird. :P

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    The reasons why people become judgmental about things is.. complicated. He could just be basing his feelings on things on experiences he has had that have made him feel uncomfortable, or reading negative things about them. The important thing to do with any person is recongize that their feelings matter and are their own, and jus try to help them understand yours and help them understand. Most of the time, they just don't have all the facts and are really just talking about some extreme cases when they generalize, which we as a society sadly do too often.

    All that aside, and I'm sorry if it sounded preachy, I'm really sorry that happened. I know that when those sorts of things happen around me that I just feel like all eyes are on me. As if they can tell I am one of 'them' or something like that. It can also make you feel judged and hated before they even get to know you, which hurts. I hope you surround yourself with supportive people who understand you for a while, probably the most comforting thing you can do.

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    You've gotta remember, here's Mr. Music Teacher eating his free continental breakfast when, all of a sudden, some guy dressing up like a wolf runs up and jumps on a man dressing like a raccoon. This could be quite a shock. Now, I'm not sure whether he said it in a joking or serious manner, either way, is it a bad thing to be un-normal? When I think of un-normal people I think of balding men going to a job they hate, coming home, eating spaghetti, then going to bed, every single day of their lives, never doing anything different. I'm kinda glad I'm un-normal

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    I'm a bit surprised at the reaction. When I saw people who didn't know anything about it and stopped to ask, the reactions were at worst neutral and at best positive. Sorry to hear that it wasn't the case this time.

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    When people see things out of the means of Social Norms, it confuses them, and there only explanation is that they aren't normal.

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    Unfortunately, from a sociological standpoint, furries are quite unusual. "Normal" is based on the average of the majority of a society, and technically speaking, anything outside of those bounds counts as abnormal. The difference in interpretation in how someone says something is quite important to note. From what is written, I can't determine the inflection of the teacher's voice to understand how he was reacting to the experience...

    As I always say, abnormal does not mean what people are doing is in any way wrong... so long as they are not endangering themselves or others, there should be no negative stigma attached.

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    Admittedly, I do not understand furries. I have nothing against them but do not relate. On the other hand I am TG and AB. I realize most people do not understand this. It is all OK!

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    Happened to me when a snoop who obviously hasn't got better things to do than to make fun of People did make absolutely disgusting comments about furries to me whilst not knowing I was a furry. I am still mad at him for what hid did. Prejudice amongst some people makes my stomach turn

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