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Thread: Ever had any dreams that involve your fursona?

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    Question Ever had any dreams that involve your fursona?

    Whether that be you were them in the dream or they were just in your dream or whatever. Have you had any dream that involves your Fursona in any way shape or form?

    For me I recently had a dream that my fursona and I were both walking down a long deserted highway together, like in the middle of the desert. But all we were doing was just discussing Ipods with each other, ha ha.

    What about you?

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    Why yes, yes I have.

    All my life I've had dreams in which I was a husky. I'd usually just be playing fetch, going on walks, getting pet, etc. I love them a lot.

    Recently, however, I have started to have dreams in which I am my fursona (that little guy in the picture under my name). In these, I'm usually being taken care of by my parents (which have always been foxes or St. Bernards, never huskies). They're great and I always feel refreshed after them.

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    Yeah I've had a ton of dreams where I am a regular dingo in them. Huskies and dingoes must just connect with us or something :p

    Only recently now that I've actually gotten into the whole Furry side of things have I started to dream of my Fursona...

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    I have had many dreams in which I am my 'sona in.
    Only like 1 or 2 of them is very clear though, most of my dreams feel very vague. :S

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    I have had several.
    One was with my grown-up feral form. Having a fun flight and finding a hidden paradise like place.

    Another was how my second fursonia, came to be. I met in a dream and decided to make a second fursonia from it.

    Even had a couple with my cub form as well, just having fun wif friends.

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    I once had one where I was a skunk guy, the whole dream involved me having a walk through a shady worn down urban area, then also a walk past an industrial district. Apparently I was going to a friend's apartment. The scenery was so vivid, although I've never seen such a place in real life it seemed so realistic, like this place actually existed somewhere. Then upon going through a gate I walk to the said apartment building then everything starts brightening to a white light and I woke up.

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    I have had so many dreams of me in my adult form it isn't even funny. I always ache when I wake up from them (My shoulders primarily). I have has only one or two as my babyfur persona, those usually involve real memories from my life, only with me as a baby tiger. I find those mildly disturbing, I think it has to do with the fact that I spent most of my life hiding this side of me.

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    I normally dont have dreams yet in the past few weeks i have had several dreams about me being my fursona and meeting other people fursona. i find it wierd since i normally dint remember if i have a dream or remember them. :/

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    I am sure I have had lots of dreams about my fursona or that I was my fursona I just don't remember them off the top of my head.

    I recently had one where I was her, all of her details present; diapers and all, and generic furry reaction came out. -w- I pretty much acted like a fool and enjoyed myself, just swooning over my reflection and tail and all that. Which I imagine would be what it woudl be like in real life.

    I had one where like half the world spontaneously turned to furries, but the rest were left human, and I was left that way, but my best friend wasn't.

    I've also had one where my fursona (in human form) and I got together and just had a wonderful talk. It's really awesome a thought, when you are able to remember vivid conversations with the creature/person you wish you were. I always want to be her, but, sometimes it's just nice to hear her opinion on things. If only I could trigger her when I needed someone to talk to.

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    I had a really weird dream a few nights back when I woke up and went to school as my fursona and yeah, there were a few weird looks from characters in my dreams and my maths teacher was horrified at what had happened to me that overnight I sprouted a coat of fur and became a tiger

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