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Thread: A super soft spot...

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    Default A super soft spot...

    This evening, my wife came back from Petco with a few treats for our new puppy. I knew she would be picking up a chew toy, but I had no clue it was going to be so cute. It was a squeaky toy in the form of a teddy bear, although he looked more like a fox. My wife picked up on my weariness, seeing thoughts of a stuffed 'onecho' snapped tight in the pup's jaws. Assuring me it was a bear, I calmed down.

    However, as time went on, and I watched the pup lay into the plushie, I couldn't help but feel very sad and little. The toy had this sweet little smile on its face and yet was going to be torn apart in no time. Sitting there on the couch, I watched, feeling helpless. Tears collecting in my eyes, I couldn't hold back any longer: I snagged the plushie when the dog was distracted.

    I expected my wife to insist that I hand it back over, that it was just a lifeless chew toy. However, she smiled sweetly and beamed knowingly. I explained how I couldn't see the little guy town apart and she understood. I snuggled it and then ran off to stow it away safely with my other plushies. Luckily, she had purchased a second toy, a less animated one.

    This has always been a problem for me. Even when I was young, I couldn't eat things that had a face on them or were cute in some way. For example, there was one department store in Portland that would hand out gingerbread cookies around Christmas time. I loved getting one, but I could never eat it. My mom would do her best to convince me that it was okay, that the guy in the bear suit handing them out wanted me to eat it. Yet, I never could. I would cry and sob at the thought of consuming this cute little piece of baked sugar and fat.

    So, now that I have completely embarrassed myself, can anyone else relate to this or am I alone in this odd desire to protect and cloister away cute items that aren't necessarily meant to be collected? ^^

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    I got a chuckle out of it, but I can completely understand and see how these feelings came about. Personally, it makes me want to snatch it up, but I would be overpowered by seeing a dog having fun with it to take it way from him/her.

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    Can't say that I have had the same reaction with the chew toys we buy for our dogs, although I feel as though I need to scream when a friend comes over and decides to lay on the plushies that are on my bed. This has caused the stuffing to move in one of them, and now the legs are loose.

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    Awww how cute, I kind of had the same thing when I was younger, and not just with the cute stuff, but also with all my plushies and toys, I considered them as valuable things, and took great care of them, hating to see them breaking or being damaged >.<

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    Yes, I know how it is - even feel empathy for food that gets thrown away half-eaten. Just sitting in there, knowing it wasn't good enough to be a full meal... Not tasty enough to be saved for later...

    It's kind of annoying how much I care about stupid stuff :|

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    That's cute, haha. If it doesn't look like the regular monotonous toy then I could understand, especially if it's close to your fursona. It means you're still young at heart

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    I've seen this type of 'chew toy' at the supermarket a few times, and they do have fox-shaped ones here. I have to admit they disturb me :-/. When I first saw them I thought 'PLUSHIE!', then I saw what they were intended for and felt a bit sorry. I also feel sad when I see plushies that are on EBay and don't get bid on by the time the auction expires.

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    Thanks for sharing, I can relate to this very strongly. I have always had a strong affinity for stuffed animals as well as living critters of all kinds. I would get really upset whenever my brothers would kill insects, squirrels, or the occasional bird. I have always gotten uncomfortable when my mother's dog chews on stuffed animals which are cute, but unlike your situation I have no power to stop it. When I was young my family would actually give my stuffed animals to the dogs "just for a little while" and I was reduced to tears multiple times. Not only did I have a hard time with certain dog toys being ripped apart, but my own sleepytime pals were put to the chopping block and I was ridiculed (even by my step dad) for being a _______. I'm glad you rescued the little guy and that your wife is so understanding.

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    While I have never done this, I've never been in the position to do this before. I think that I probably would really understand the feelings you had, which if you don't mind me saying.. were very sweet. I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about. This made me gain a huge smile in the morning, so thank you!

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    You guys have mean doggies. Mine carries her plushies around and grooms them. And piles them together when it is cold out so they stay warm.

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