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Thread: *B/DLs and Retail Jobs

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    Default *B/DLs and Retail Jobs

    My daughter and I were having a discussion about retail employment this evening. Our talk involved a rant I had with retail stores in general (subject of a later off topic thread), but afterwards it got me to thinking...

    Many teens get their start in the working world at retail stores because they'll usually hire anyone with no previous work experience. I know from job related threads that many younger ADISC members presently work in retail. For stores that carry baby and children's items, what better people to have on the sales floor than *B/DLs. The items being sold wouldn't just be *things* because they're actually what we're all about. Whether they're fetish with us or not, we still enjoy baby/children's items. Infantilists could be the most enthusiastic workers a store like Toys-R-Us or Babies-R-Us could possibly have. Even larger stores like Wal-Mart or Target could greatly benefit by having us in their baby and/or toy depts. Who else knows so much about baby diapers? Who else can name many of the brands of all sorts of baby items? Who else knows all about the various paci sizes and styles? Who else would so enjoy playing with...err...demonstrating baby gear to customers like stollers, car seats, and high chairs? Who else in teen or adult years enjoy toys so much? *B/DLs, that's who!!! We could run circles around the sales people presently employed in those areas. I've always been a firm believer that store sales personnel should know their product lines. For infantilists in baby depts. it would be easy.

    With the lower salary scales of retail sales workers you might not want a career in retail sales, but while employed in it you could have lots of enjoyment with what you're working with. Customers would also appreciate having knowledgable people in the baby and toy stores, too! If I were a teen again, that's where I'd want to start my working career. Baby/Kiddie retail is a definite niche for *B/DLs in the working world where we could really excel, and have a little fun while on the job too.


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    Well I work at Target...Unfortunately, I didn't get to choose which section I work in, although in the backroom next to the freezer, there are so many baby diapers...Cases and cases of Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, etc...Each case has like over 100 diaper in them...

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    You should ask for them as a bonus if you work hard.

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    I've actually considered that type of store position before... but my undying disdain for public attitude has pushed me beyond the realm of wanting a job in retail.

    However, I usually haven't considered the job simply because I think the public expects people who work those sorts of jobs to be an older sort of person who looks like they've had a few kids themselves. Not only that, but it's hard to break the stereotype here that the male/father figure isn't into that sort of thing, isn't the primary carer of the children and that that particular role would best be suited to a female.

    Imagine walking into the store and seeing a young, male adult working there. Sure, that doesn't disqualify them from their ability to fulfil their duties, but it would catch a lot of people off-guard. I don't think business would hire someone like myself for that kind of job.

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    Well we benefit them to an extent, Pram.

    I'd think that a mother would be better suited for the job, opposed to a teen baby. I, for instance, may know that I enjoy playing with some sort of toddler keyboard, and I can tell a customer that. However, a mother could let the customer know that their child responds to this or that toy better, and yadda yadda.

    We are interested in it, but we only know so much, and can only do so much. I personally think someone else, aside from a tbdl, would be better for the job, such as a parent.

    Even - for example.... Would you rather have a TB working in the baby furniture department, they could let you know what kind of furniture is best, or looks the funnest, etc... or would you rather have a woman who has great style sense and a child, and can help you match up the colours and let you know what your baby will probably need most.

    I will agree though, that a *b would be much better suited to work there, opposed to some joe--schmoe off the street.

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    I have worked retail for over 10 yrs. more out of desperation for a job.
    dispite having access to diapers and toys etc.
    it would be embarassing to have your co workers see you buying things like diapers or baby itmes if they know you don't have kids.
    they may ask some embarassing questions.
    plus coming out as as and ab or dl to your bosses or co workers isn't a good idea.
    plus they may fire you . thninking your a pedophile or something like that.

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    Honestly I think much of what wetatnight is saying is true. You aren't going to act interested in any of that stuff when you are in the working environment... people may think you are some kind of sicko... and a toy or baby store is going to be watching for pedos. and pervs. like mad.

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    I see what wet and Dark are saying, even though I doubt an *B would be like " Well this pacifier is better for older kids. Me, I got that one in 2 colors at home."

    You would just have to know enough without it seeming like you've actually used the product.

    I'm honestly afraid of talking to strangers on a regular basis, so I would be a horrible retail person. I can do cashier, but they are, as we all know, in their own world. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowMommy View Post
    I see what wet and Dark are saying, even though I doubt an *B would be like "Well this pacifier is better for older kids. Me, I got that one in 2 colors at home."
    Oh yes, I also understand what everyone is saying. I wasn't suggesting any *B/DL IRL, who would take such a job, should let on to what they were at all. Hope it didn't sound that way. I was just looking at it from the standpoint of people like all of us in this community would naturally be more enthusiastic and interested in baby related product lines. That interest would translate into the desire to learn more about the products which would be a benefit to customers. People like to shop where workers can answer questions about the items being sold, and even help them come to the best decision as to what to purchase.

    Guess I'm looking at it more from my own perspective. Yeah, I love to actually climb into baby gear, strollers in particular, but I have another side which enjoys collecting the nicer models and even restoring them. I think that's in my profile. I have an all-around interest in them. This interest in them as a collector has caused me to want to gain more knowledge about the different models. I even belong to a few stroller and pram groups which are made up almost entirely of moms. I say almost because their is one other man who could be my twin as far as his enjoyment of collecting prams is concerned. Though he isn't AB from what I can tell and he knows nothing of my AB side either. Unfortunately, he lives in Australia, so doubtful we'll ever meet up to talk prams in person. In the over four years I've belonged to these groups I've become a highly respected member, even appointed as a mod by the group owners on two of them. (See, Peachy, I have a nice, shiny ban hammer of my own which I've used on occasion.) Moms are emailing me all the time asking for help identifying a stroller they picked up cheap at a thrift store or yard sale, or looking to bid for on ebay. Never once on any of these groups has anyone ever insinuated I was some kind of perv or pedo because I enjoy having strollers and other baby items. Instead, they wish their husbands had such an interest.

    If I worked in the baby section of a store it would be all business while at work. Customers or workers wouldn't ever see me sitting in strollers or highchairs, and I wouldn't think of letting on about my AB side. *Pram to mom customer* "Now this is a really sturdy model, I have one at home I sit and nap in regularly." *Mom customer to Pram* "" Nope, wouldn't go there! That side of me would stay at home in private. I'd just channel my enthusiasm and knowledge into helping customers make the wisest decision before plunking down their hard earned money. In the nearby Babies-R-Us I do see men working the sales floor just as much as women. But, as Mandi put it, they strike me as "Joe-Schmoes" who couldn't answer much at all about what's in the store, or even something simple like how to fold up a stroller. They just have this facial expression and general demeanor that it's a job, nothing more. No genuine interest at all. In all the baby stores I've been in around here you rarely, if ever, find a mom. Mostly it's younger teens working part time to earn a little money. Which is probably the main reason "mom" doesn't work there - too low of wages!

    The thing about "the guy must be a perv" if he wants to work around anything relating to little children or babies really gets in my crawl. I'm not upset with anyone who related that thought in this thread because they speak truthfully, it's the way things are in this sick world. The perception itself is what gets my blood boiling. I know we discussed it at length in my other thread about female pedophiles. It's a bum rap decent men who like working around children have to endure because of a small minority of males who are sickos make the headlines. If anyone thinks men can't be as genuinely loving and caring towards children as women, please read my feelings about a certain little child in this thread: I haven't seen this little girl in 1.5 years now, but I still love her as if she had been my own daughter from birth, and I know in my heart I always will. Guess I don't fit society's stereotypical image of how a male should feel about kids, and I'm sooo glad I don't.

    Ah well, I've beat the keyboard enough on this subject this morning...

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    Now I would enjoy a job selling incontinence supplies.

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