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Thread: Ever get one of your favorite toys back via the internet?

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    Default Ever get one of your favorite toys back via the internet?

    First some background on this; back in the late 1970s Playskool did some playsets with little people of familiar places at the time. One was a Holiday Inn, a Texaco station and a McDonalds. I had the McDonald's playset and I remember that a friend of the family had the Holiday Inn set. I'm trying to get my paws on the Holiday Inn set too...

    So recently since I could afford it I bought the old McDonald's set. I wanted something to remind me of my childhood. That set was one of my favorite toys. I used it on my train sets and freeways as an off-freeway location for my toy cars. Yeah- I have a freeway obsession, always have. Back in the late 90s, my mom threw it out.

    Through eBay I was able to reclaim my McDonald's even though it was not the one I had as a kid but the exact same set. During a recent property inspection to make sure everything was on the up and up; I made my new property manager smile when she saw it cause she said she had the same thing in the '80s!

    So my question is this- has anyone ever reclaimed a peice of their childhood through the internet? I also want to know if you would try to retrive something you had as a kid through the internet. Something that meant a lot to you as my McDonald's set did to me when I was a kid.


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    At some point I will try and reclaim my lego, but I don't think it'll be the bricks that cost, I can just buy new sets of those, what will cost is trying to get the old catalogue of manuals for things like the scuba set, moon missions set, bionic classic and rock raiders

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    Sadly most of my toys went/were destroyed by my IRL little brother. Anything and Evrything that survived was given to a family friend for there baby.

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    Unfortunately when I reached adolescence I allowed my Dad to give away almost all of my childhood toys, books and videos without fuss, only to regret it a few years later and wish I still had them.In the last few years I have recovered many of my favourite children's books and videos (usually on DVD now). I haven't recovered any of my favourite toys, namely because most of my favourite childhood toys were dolls and plushies, and because I of my tendency to anthropomorphise such toys an identical doll/plushie to the one I owned as a child would still feel different, or because they have now become collectors items and I cannot afford to replace them.

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    From around ages 4 to 8 used to play Chex Quest, the game that came in boxes of the cereal. Then we upgraded computers and the disc wouldn't work anymore. So
    I searched and searched and finally was able to download the game plus its two sequels!

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    Yes!! I sometimes browse hours on Ebay just to see all the toys for sale that I had as a kid. I have seen found toys that I never had but wanted or could never find in the stores. (Like Jem and the Holograms.... there was a black doll named Shana, my friends had her and told me where they got her.... checked the stores and so many others and could never find her. Now due to the internet I find out she was rare and actually worth A LOT of money if still in box! I had every doll from Jem and the Holograms but Shana)
    I have not bought any of my "old toys" however.... but its nice to look at them on Ebay once in awhile! The only thing I hate about Ebay now is some sellers charge a rip off price to ship to canada.... ugh.

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