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    Hey guys so I had a question I recently bought my first paci in like forever! N I love it to pieces! The only problem is I can't suck on it long cuz my mouth gets tired, not like my jaw or ne thing but like the roof of my mouth. I was wondering if any of you experienced this in the beginning stages of "paci time" so to speak and if so how long did it take you to get used to it?

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    hey! welcome to ADISC!!! you might wanna pop on over and introduce yourself in the intro forums! we'd all like to get to know you better!!! <3

    anywho, onto your question; yeah, I sometimes have this problem but that's probably just because your paci is lightly rubbing against the roof of your mouth when you suck on it and after a while it starts to irritate the roof of your mouth. Just take it easy with the paci until you get used to it your body will slowly get used to it and you'll be able to use your paci for longer periods of time. However if the roof of your mouth is red and blotchy and hurting and you have a latex (yellow nipple) paci you might have a latex allergy, in which case you should switch to using silicon pacis

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    Thanks I'm glad to be hear any way thanks for the quick response just curious I also wanted to know I only suck my paci at night so it seems like its taking longer to get used to. Should I try more often will it help speed up the process any or not really? Just curious cuz I really love it it's so relaxing but it's also a little annoying lol

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    well i don't know because i cant afford one so i still suck on my thumb

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    What kind of paci are you using? I don't have one yet, but I'm waiting for a Nuk 5 (adult size) to come in the mail soon. If you're using a smaller one, that might explain why extended use is uncomfortable.

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    No I'm using a NUK 5 it fits fine I just get tired after a while

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