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Thread: Babies and Toddlers with cold and runny nose

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    Default Babies and Toddlers with cold and runny nose

    I have been battling a nasty cold for over two weeks now. I got to thinking about whenever I have seen a real baby or toddler, until mommy wipes their nose, they do not sniff. The snot simply runs down their face, over their lips and dow their chin.

    I decided, that if I want to play like a real diaper baby, I need to do the same. The only difference is I tired on a cute plastic pink sissy baby bib on so I do not soil my cute dress.

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    You have never seen the suction bulbs they use to suck the snot out of thier noses?

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    Thats actually pretty gross ._. Not to mention unsanitary. Unless you actually had some sort of Caretaker who's willing to Baby you to the extent of wiping your runny nose, i don't see why you'd do it.

    Thats just me though. I don't like having snot run down my face, and onto Food, Drinks etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    You have never seen the suction bulbs they use to suck the snot out of thier noses?
    Those things look cool! X3

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    Babies by their very nature are messy, gross and generally unsanitary. They don't understand any of this that's why they have caregivers.

    Nappies, Baby Wipes, Changing Mats, Bibs, Bottles, Sippy Cups and most other baby equipment is designed to minimise, remove (rarely) or make it easy to clean mess up.

    I don't like to point out the obvious but that seemed like quite something to miss. Babies can do near enough nothing without creating mess. Baby Wipes are normally close to a caregivers hand for a reason!

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    Making a mess as a baby is something I do best. Just today, I totally filled a diapers, at breakfast I had Gerber pablum cereal and strained prunes all over my face and hannies! Then for lunch I had a PB&J sandwich, a hot dog cut into little coin sized bites. Also had a jar of Gerber Spagettie and noodles. Of course I ate the sandwich right trouhg the middle and got PB&J all over my face. Then while eating my hotdog, some of it got into my sagettie. I could not help but play in it. I patted it and splattered it all around. Then, leaning over I stuck my face in my Hello Kitty plate and tried to eat the hot odg pieces with my tounge. I had food all over my patties, face, in my hair etc. It's a good thing I was wearing a plastic baby bib with a crumb catcher or else my pretty little sissy dress would have gotten terribly soiled!! I need a

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