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Thread: I asked Kimberly Clark why Depends suck

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    Default I asked Kimberly Clark why Depends suck

    I wrote them an email asking why Depends were so crappy and if they were planning to upgrade them anytime soon....
    Their response was: According to our research our product is superior to meet the needs of ic adults.
    I asked them: Have you had an actual ic adult try them in your research??

    I didn't get an answer to that one but I did get an apology LOL "Sorry you were disappointed in our product."

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    Butterfly Mage


    The Depends lineup is so obsessed with being "discrete" that it has sacrificed most of its function. what good is a diaper that doesn't absorb any more that a pair of underwear?

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    But I will say one thing, although they don't function that great as diapers compared to others, I still like the fact that I can just slip one on under my clothes and have no one notice it. They are the kind of diaper you can wear "just in case" all day and forget you are wearing it.. until you use it that is.. which then it becomes a race to change it.

    Hmm, I go back and forth. It's very love/hate with me and Depends.

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    See I don't see why everyone hates depends. To me, they work fine, sure they don't absorb nearly as much as abenas or other "higher quality" diapers, but they still do work, and at the price that you can get depends compared to the price of the "higher quality" diapers is another thing to look at. Depends are usually less then 1/2 the price of other diapers.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Attends cost less and function much bettet

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    I dont care for depends cause of there low absorbancy.
    Tho they are decently priced tho I rather pay the extra for better absorbance and comfort.

    They only seem to be for ppl with maybe mild dripping.

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    Yeah- I swore off Depends years ago and to me it's the best decision of my life. I won't use them unless as a last-resort because I don't care for them. I prefer to spend my money on more absorbent brands that work better and pay for quality.


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    Adult diapers in any form aren't really great because usually people that have to wear them don't want to discuss this aspect of their life (honestly who here without a diaper addiction would be proud of discussing their needs for a better diaper that absorb better, its not something 99,9% of the population are proud of, they are ashamed that they have to wear them, don't expect them to express any opinions about them) or they simply can't talk because they are way too old and need so much medical attention that they can't express themselves anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbtim59 View Post
    Depends are usually less then 1/2 the price of other diapers.
    Not where I live. They usually cost about a dollar each at the drugstore or grocery store. For a few cents more I can get M3s. Thier only redeming quality is that they are about the only adult diaper you can get 24 hours a day at the drugstore.

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    Huh, around me they are cheap, I thought they would be roughly the same price everywhere.

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