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Thread: Is it ok to have an older gentleman as your "Daddy"

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    Default Is it ok to have an older gentleman as your "Daddy"

    So what I am asking, is it ok for an 18 year old to have a 38 year old "Daddy", I really need an answer...

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    How well do you know this person?

    Did they ask if they could be?

    I guess it's okay as long as nothing unwanted happens and you approve of everything going on...

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    we actually found eachother on craigslist and he too is also an abdl, i don't know him very well but want that to change, no pun intended

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    Yes, you're both consenting adults fully entitled to take their own decisions and there's really nothing wrong with that. The fact that - due to the age difference - this may be frowned upon, doesn't mean that the two of you shouldn't enjoy each other's company just because someone else says so.

    Btw, am I the only one that, when you said "older gentleman", thought about a guy in his '60s?

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    Nothing wrong with it. Just take the usual set of precautions involved with meeting up with a stranger that you met on the internet. Doubly so if you plan on doing the horizontal tango.

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    I too agree nothing wrong with it.
    As long as all things you are comfortable with.

    Don't make yourself go with things you dont want to do or uncomfortable with.

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    I would suggest just do a friendly meet first, something in public just so you can get an idea of the person.

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    If you're both legal and consenting then there is nothing legally wrong with it, your parents may not approve of your relationship but it is perfectly fine to have such an age difference.

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    Is it wrong? No
    Is it weird? Yes

    The real question, though, is; is it realistic? Do you plan on having a relationship outside of ABDL things? While not impossible, it's highly unlikely that you will get along the same way you would with someone closer to your own age. There are some people that are fine being with someone that much older, but you two are essentially living in completely different worlds right now. If the relationship is purely AB-daddy, then yeah, it could work. I wouldn't bet on it long-term, but would be fun for while, as long as you're comfortable with someone that much older.

    Another thing is that he probably has a steady flow of income, whereas you would probably not. If he really wants to daddy you, he'll probably be the one buying most of the supplies, since he'll be able to afford it. Are you comfortable with someone doing that? I know I feel guilty about stuff like that, and it will become a constant nagging if that happens. On the flip side, will you come off as just using him for his money, then? Unless you are actually just using him for his money, then you will be under constant pressure to not seem like a burden.

    That's an important point, though. Are you overlooking all your misgivings solely because he is a daddy? If you aren't both thinking that this is only an AB-daddy relationship, then would you want to do all the other things even if he wasn't a daddy? Would you overlook his age, for instance? If it's clear on both ends that this is SOLELY about infantilism, then spending a weekend there once in a while could be great fun for both of you, although you might also feel like there's something missing.

    My advice: it's not illegal, so try if you like, but don't get your hopes too high. You might realize that you don't quite sync up when you meet for real. Don't try to force things to work just because you feel like you don't have other options in this department.

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    I just depressed that you think a 38-year old is an "older gentleman".... I'm 35, but I don't even feel as grown up as 18 sometimes... It's a bit of a shock how my age (that malevolent number) has gradually sneaked up over the years... In fact... at a rate of one year per year. Shocking...

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