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Thread: Hospital diapers are now better than store brands or Depends!

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    Default Hospital diapers are now better than store brands or Depends!

    I just thought it would be of some interest here, for some to see what they use in hospitals to manage incontinence. This, I believe, is a Medline product. The backing is cloth-like, and the lining is quite soft with no rough "enhancements" in the center panel (Tena and Prevail in the United States are notorious for rough, scratchy linings). There is some padding in the wings, but most of it is centered, and overall it is slightly thicker than a Depend Max. These fasten directly to the cloth-like backing with sticky tapes, using no velcro. So you only have one chance to get it to fit properly. This is partially why I had to go through about 5 of them before finally got it right. Absorbency is good for the amount of materials they use, and their quality control is also good. Not a single defect on any of them.

    As seen on the photos, they came to me in a clear plastic bag. The center photo illustrates how the lining looks, and of course tapes to the right. The sides are about like the Abena Air Plus, in that they are breathable. But unlike Abena, these have plastic sandwiched between the two non-woven layers in the center. So, they are not prone to seepage as long as liquids are contained long enough for the polymer to work. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell which brand these actually are, but I did see a package of Medline Absorbs in the extra large size on a stool by an empty semi-private bed. This may be the same product in the medium size.

    And yes, it's true: The products you buy at the drug store are far below what you get at a hospital, at least the one I was staying in. This clearly illustrates the decline in the quality of products at drugstores and retail outlets lately.
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    Butterfly Mage


    Good imformation to know.

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    Good pitchers and info. Thanks

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    I'll have to look into this, thanks for the info. How did you get these?

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    I'm wearing one right now, but they are plastic backed (as shown in the posted pic). They are better than DEPENDS and hold more for sure. Only downside is the leg gathers, they're just ruffled with no leak barriers, so I usually end up going through 4-5 a day (at least), if I try to make it with just 3 like most diapers (w/ stuffer) than I'm prone to leak.
    Usually in a 12 hour day I'll use 3 diapers while at work, depending if I don't drink too much water. Then I wear one when I wake up and sometimes change before bed as needed.

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    I forgot to mention, these don't have the standing leak barriers either. But they do have the cloth-like backing, as opposed to plastic. I got these while staying overnight in the hospital after surgery, and they allowed me to take them with me when I was discharged. It would be nice if I could buy more from them, but it is difficult to find the right channels. Don't despair, however. These don't compare to the Dry 24/7, Abenas, Bambinos, or other top-brands that many of you are buying.

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    Last time I was in Hospital they gave me Attends, Though I live in the uk.

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    I hate the east midlands uk for hospitals because you just get a insertpad with strechy pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjunior1982 View Post
    I hate the east midlands uk for hospitals because you just get a insertpad with strechy pants
    That's what they gave me at first until I asked them for something else and showed them my Tena Slips, Came back with Attends 10 I think.

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    I was in the hospital about 2 years ago with a heart problem for 2 weeks. I do not know what brand of diapers they used on me but they were pretty thick. My wife said that after she explained my level of incontinence to them, they put plastic panties on me too. My wife said that after my first change they added some inserts too.

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