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    so i have a chance to try some bambino diapers (Bianco, teddy and classico). my question is how much can these babies functionally hold? i dont want to throw a partly wet nappy out. i would rather wear the baby till it leaks or explodes. and do they develop the nasty wet nappy smell like molicares? cheers

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    Well, you'll never know until you find out!
    But to answer your questions, Bambinos hold a LOT. And I mean, like 4 heavy wettings.
    All diapers will develop a nasty smell if left out for long enough, but I don't think they will smell like how you mention.

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    They may develop a smell if left on long enough without a changing.

    I too agree you got to to trial and error.
    How many wettings will vary from person to person. I have got 4 before out of them.
    Then there was times I got 2. Depends on how much you go each time.

    Tho the teddies will hold a tiny bit more than the other 2.

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    They hold a lot. Nearly as much as dry 24/7, but more than molicare, tranquility, attends, depends, or no-name brands. I think they are about comparable to abena M4 and L4.

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    I would say the medium size holds just about as much as an Abena M4.

    They could hold more, but they don't have enough wood pulp to wick the moisture properly, so it really only moves when it has to. Abenas move the moisture more efficiently because they have more wood pulp.

    If Bambinos had more pulp, they would undoubtedly be more absorbent than Abenas.

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    agree with several of the above, bambinos have a high sap ratio and may leak when nearing full if you are flooding. when they get near capacity don't flood anymore and you'll be ok. Give the padding time to distribute things around.

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