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    Hey everyone! I'm TJ, and I'm a junior in college, majoring in Computer Science (it seems there are a lot of us nowadays). I can be a bit shy, but once you get to know me I'm pretty social and know how to have a good time. I'm also a bit OCD, which also makes me a bit of a grammar and spelling fiend - but I will generally try to keep it to myself, to the extent possible and reasonable.

    I'm here because I recently rediscovered my DL side after a few months on hiatus and, in the course of researching which diaper products I should get from Amazon, stumbled onto some ADISC threads discussing plastic pants. I've been a DL for a long time, going back to age 5 or 6. However, I more fully realized the extent of my DL side around age 14, when I worked up the courage to go to CVS and buy a pack of cloth Depend pullups.

    My interests outside of DL are mostly related to computers and technology (which is not surprising given that I'm a CS major); in particular, I'm into programming, helping people troubleshoot computer problems, gaming, web design, and intellectual property law developments (e.g. hoping SOPA / PIPA and ACTA die a painful death). I also like listening to music, particularly rock / heavy metal and also a bit of techno (and any combination of these).

    On ADISC, I'm looking for other like-minded people to talk to about DL and other stuff as well, though I was initially only interested in lurking and reading threads I considered relevant to me. I fully expect that I will come to be more accepting of my DL side in the presence of all the supporting AB/DLs here, and perhaps I might even discover new interests (e.g. AB, DF, BF).

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and see you around!

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    very nice intro TJ, welcome to adisc, this place is also, we are definitely becoming friends

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    Thanks! I stuck to the script as much as possible.
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    That is certainly refreshing to see, what a fabulous intro.

    I too am a CompSci student focusing on Web Dev and business

    It's good to have you here ^_^

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