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Thread: I'm an improver :D

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    Default I'm an improver :D

    Ello to anyone willing to read this. Welp, I suppose I should answer these questions now...
    1.) I'm a female in highschool. I'm the captain of the Improv team (For those who don't know, Improv stands for improvisational comedy, or in simpler terms, funny scenes with no scripts), and I love to work with my hands and to make other people happy ^.^ Although, not all people receive me well, but I don't blame them, I CAN be an annoying bitch if I want to.
    Random Fact: I'd been such a noob at Zelda:OoT, that it took me SEVEN years to beat. Sad, I know.
    2.) I guess I've just kind of always been attracted to diapers...I'm not really into the whole baby thing, but whatever floats your boat :p I don't judge.
    3.) I love acting, even though I'm not nearly that good. The Improv Team at my school is like my baby, I had joined my freshmen year, and it's died down in numbers, which makes me sad But I'm trying to recruit :p I also love writing, but I haven had much time to write anything. Oh, I also get sick all te time. Like, whenever there's a weather change, my body trolls me x(
    4.)I guess I'm here for support...until now I've been a lurker on these types of sites, and talking about this always embarasses me. I have very close friends, and my boyfriend, who have similar interests, but it's not the same... I'll probably still just lurk though :p

    Thank you for reading ^.^'

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    Welcome to the site and excellent introduction. I'm a musician and have produced many children's church musicals. Acting and staging is fun. I'm probably a better writer and enjoy doing that. I hope you enjoy the site and join in on the many threads.

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    Hello and welcome to adisc. I love improv humour. I guess you have seen Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! I hope you meet some good folks here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in.

    It's fantastic to read about your passion for improv and I'm glad to know that schools offer such programs. Here in Seattle, we have several great improv theater groups. It's a lot of fun (and inexpensive) to gather some friends and go out for an improv show downtown. Laughter is always good medicine!

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Well, lookie here, I'm not lurking!
    Thank you all for the welcome Theatre can really be fun, and I am very lucky that my school has clubs like this and people interested in it, although, many don't know what improv is :/
    I have indeed seen many episodes of Whoose Line xD and definitely, laughter is THE best medicine.

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    I think it's great your school actually has an improv team. I was in the Theater Arts class in my school's vocational center and improv was one of my favorite activities.

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    May I ask how's your favourite improver in Whose Line?

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    Well, welcome to the site! We love newcomers here. I actually find improv great! I'd totally sign up for a club if we had one here.

    I'm sure you know this already, but there's no need to be embarrassed around us. :3 We're all one in the same here, and this website is probably the least "creepy" of them all. ADISC focuses on friendship and support a lot more than the other sites.

    Feel free to holler at me if you're looking for someone to talk to. ^.^ I'm always up for meeting new friends!

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    This site is waaaaay less creepy then a lot that I've visited! It's really too bad that a lot of schools don't have those clubs
    amon, that's a tough question! I guess I'd have to say Ryan though, but that may be because I've seen him in so many other things
    I may just have to take you up on that offer SleepingBlueWolf ^.^

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