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Thread: Wearing briefs under your diaper

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    Several years ago some of the nappies made for kids who were toilet training had an extra layer added. This extra layer was designed to stay wet if the child peed. This was added because people thought that kids continued to use their diapers because they could not feel the wet pee in their pants, the diapers having got so good that you felt dry even just after you peed.

    I was thinking that this principle could also apply to adult bed wetting and that if i worn some briefs under my diaper for bed, then when I pee I might feel the wetness and wake up. I am going to try tonight and see what happens.

    Has anyone else tried this?

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    Yes - I am not sure it works as intended and unless you choose the underwear very carefully can be very uncomfortable both pre and post wetting. I think it is a bit like bed-wetting alarms for adults - good idea but rarely very effective because by the time you are wet it is too late and you cannot easily stop the flow.

    I hope your experience is more positive!

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    I've been wanting to try this for a while, not so I know I'm wet just because it seems fun :P but it's just a case of remembering and also I would really need to be home alone so I can wash and dry the underwear.

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