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Thread: Just ordered abu Cushies

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    Default Just ordered abu Cushies

    I just ordered from abu, i bought abu cushies regular and cushies with cloth backing im wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect when i get them, what there like how much they hold and swell. I like the design and only one tab on each side

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    did you buy there new kind, i was wondering about them, but i couldnt find a cheap enough way to get them shipped to the UK

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    Unfortunately, Super Dry Kids (which are essentially the same as Cushies) are good at everything except their intended purpose...

    They are pretty durable. Have nice plastic. The tapes are really strong. The landing zone has cool designs, also.


    I have not had 1 single SDK that did not leak on the first wetting...

    What a shame.

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    I dont like the diaper from ABU. But hope you like it.

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    I've had the plastic backed Cushies and SDKs and if you are planning to use them a lot make sure you double with a better thicker diaper underneath. They leak on the first wetting and unfortunately Cushies are even worse than SDKs. I love the tapes, they're really strong. But absorbency is about 3 on a 1-10 scale.

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    Me too, Ilovedia.
    I order a small box of each. I've heard not-good things about them, but I thought I'd give them a try. Kind-of like when your friend drinks the spoiled milk, and says "try it." You know it's not going to be the greatest, but you've got to try it anyhow.

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    I ordered the case of 80 back in January and I have about 35 left. I personally like these diapers the best because of the cute prints on them and the one tape on each side (more like a baby diaper for adults). They aren't the most absorbent diapers around but they sure do crinkle a lot.

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    I'm on my test run of plastic backed Cushies. The cut and fit and feel are all better than Abena L4s and Dry 24/7s, both of which I love. They leak from press out after about three wettings for me (6'1 and 230, so not small.) Leak guards have issue with flooding while lying down, where the high end briefs did not. They conceal under clothing better than the pulp-y briefs, but make a lot more noise. If I had a supply of these and Dry 24/7s on a regular basis, I could see myself giving up regular underwear.

    From the sound of it, I'll stay away from the SDK, but the regulars have been great for me, including getting too busy at work to stop for a bathroom break. (No, no one will notice under my dress pants and extra layer, and the equipment is way too noisy to hear anything that quiet.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    because of the cute prints on them and the one tape on each side (more like a baby diaper for adults). They aren't the most absorbent diapers around but they sure do crinkle a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Desirsar View Post
    but make a lot more noise.
    Oh boy! I'm getting a little more excited about my order now that you guys talk about how noisy they are! I got the added scent -- for US$2 more, why not?
    Does anyone know where they ship from? I haven't gotten a tracking # from them yet.

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