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    I am a honor roll high school girl with big dreams for my future. I have been struggling with the urge to wear diapers and drink bottles, eat baby food, be held and burped since I was about 7.
    I just now decided to look this up, and found this website.
    I like to do things on computers, draw, game, program, edit movies. I plan on becoming a computer scientist or programmer when i 'grow up.' my parents dont know about thus stuff, or that i partake, so i was happy when i found this website. i hope to talk to others like me.

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    Hey, tomo! Welcome to ADISC! I remember my honor roll days. *sigh* Props to you for maintaining that! A lot of teenagers, and even some adults still struggle with the urges that AB/DLism brings, as they are unable to purchase the items they so greatly desire. That's part of the support. ^_^ Since you're looking for friends, would you mind if I added you? You seem like an awesome girl.

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