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Thread: Baby wash suppliment/replacement?

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    Default Baby wash suppliment/replacement?

    So I'm looking into making some baby wipes.
    If you remember a while back, a person posted a nice tutorial on how to make them, however I'm bending the rules a little, and making myself reusable ones (with a cotton like material).
    Still on top of that, I don't have baby wash, so I was wondering, what would work as a replacement for baby wash?

    EDIT: IE would just any shampoo/bodywash work?
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    I think shampoo with some kind of lotion/oil mixed in it would work fine.

    Maybe more of a body and hair wash thing instead of shampoo, but shampoo would most definitely work.

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    I would assume that anything too soapy would be bad, at least in comparison to regular wipes. You don't want it to get all sudsy and have to rinse it off. Leaving it on might causes rashes, or it could prevent them I'm not sure.

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