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Thread: When buying just diapers do you use a basket?

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    Default When buying just diapers do you use a basket?

    I know there's been a lot of posts about buying diapers at a store and I don't want this to be a repeat of all the others. I realized today when I went to go get a pack of depends that even if that's all I'm getting, I still grab a basket to put them in. I was thinking to myself as to what would look more natural, putting them in a basket or just carrying them up to the register. I say that because any time I go into really any store to buy just one item that I can easily carry, I just go in and grab it, but for some reason I can't bring myself to do that when it comes to diapers.

    A few years ago I used to be much more nervous, so I would get a basket and get a few other items, usually something along the lines of antacids, advil, kitchen cleaner and the like, so that would almost require I grab a basket, but for one item, it just seems weird.

    So how do you do it when that's all your getting, do you put it in a basket and bring it to the register, or just grab it and hold it in your hands or by the handle that a lot of them come with? Sorry, but I'm curious.

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    Personaly I think that you are putting to much thought into this, I mean the cashiers dont care what your buying and it seems kinda unecisary to buy a bunch of household items along with diapers just so it doesnt look wierd. If the cashier asks then be like "Their for my sick grandma" or something like that. You have nothing to be afraid of, so just buy em!

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    Yesterday, i grabbed a arizona ice tea and went and grabbed a pack of depends max paid for them, put them in my backpack and i was on my way. To be honest it wasnt that hard even for my first time. Just do it dont worry or anything its easier than it sounds. But yes it will help you out a ton if you have a excuse for them if you get in a tight spot.

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    I did the first time, and my hoodie on top...But I was only buying one pack...All the other times I bought more than one, so I just carried them

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret101 View Post
    I mean the cashiers dont care what your buying and it seems kinda unecisary to buy a bunch of household items along with diapers just so it doesnt look wierd.
    Honestly, I don't really care what the cashier thinks, I think it's more of a "I hope I don't run into anyone I know here" sort of thing. I think I see someone I know at least half the time I go to wal-mart, which is why I don't buy my diapers there. And also, I do know a lot of people here in this small town and the people I know all know that "I'm not from here" so I think its part of my reasoning that perhaps putting them in the basket, or a cart if I'm actually doing some real shopping, it kind of shields them from view from other's that I might run into.

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    Oh ok now I understand. If you are scared of someone seeing you just order them online a added bonus of this is that you can get much much better diapers from online stores. But if for some reason you can order online you can just go to the next town or county over from you, and you probably wont see anyone there.

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    Putting them in a basket never crossed my mind. I just try to get in and out as fast as possible.

    There is only one Wal-Mart within an hour of me, so driving that far to not see anyone I know is ridiculous, and so is buying online. Too expensive cuz we get the cheapest store brand they have. Plus, I just hate waiting. XD

    But if someone saw me, I'd probably say it was for a practical joke, because my friends know I don't live with my parents/ they would know if my parent's were having problems.

    I'm getting used to it now, I don't really care, and yeah, I always carry it by the handle, like I'm a pro. "Fake it till ya make it" is my motto. = )

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    I get my diapers when I do my grocery shopping, so I always use a shopping cart, otherwise I would just carry them to the checkout with the handel attached like I used to in CVS.

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    Only purchased a pack of Goodnites before and just carried them up with my arm holding the pack close to my side. It was a bit too thick to comfortably grab loosely with my hand and hold while waiting in line. I didn't gve it a second thought since I'm granddaddy age.


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    A related question would be: * Ahem*

    What do you do when the cashier says " I don't have any large bags" and you are parked in the exact center of 3 acres of parking lot in front of the store?

    I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I can walk right up and put 'em right on the counter like its nothin', but every now and then I get nervous/anxious/scared when I go in, and I run for a buggy. Still has the adrenalin rush.

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