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    I have been a diaper lover for a looooong time. More than 50 years. My favorite protection is heavy cotton pull ups with rubber pants. I wear those around the house or away from the house if I know I will be able to get home to change. If I have to change away from home, I wear belted undergarments under cotton menís briefs with rubber pants. That is the easiest to change but I have to change them more often as I donít trust them to hold as much as my cloth diapers.

    I am very comfortable wearing diapers in public. They make me feel secure. I have worn them enough to not worry about leaks. If I get a leak, most people donít notice. They donít notice that I am wearing diapers either.

    I wear 7 x 24 as much as I can. Iíd prefer to be in diapers all the time but life gets in the way. I am essentially incontinent when I am in diapers. I have been wetting myself for so long it is almost an unconscious act. What is unconscious is how long I can run on just letting the urine drain out. I donít know when I stop.

    I now have prostate problems and have found that just letting everything drain out as long as possible means I only have to get up once at night. Of course I am fully diapered at night too so I no longer get up to pee. I am seeing a urologist for my prostate. I have not talked to him directly about my diaper use. I told him I had worn a disposable when I was having a bad spell of really frequent urination and I was afraid Iíd wet myself at a bad time. I didnít talk to him again about diapers and he didnít ask.

    I love to wear diapers now more than ever and find they still excite me. I feel best right before I realize I am starting to pee and know I can do it and nobody else will know.

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    Well this is definitely more refreshing than the usual two line long post declaring love for diapers. But we do like to know a little bit more about you other than your reasons for wearing.

    You say life gets in the way. Well what manner of life is it? What do you do for a living, or for fun, or both?

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    I'm glad you liked it. Life getting in the way just means times when I can't wear my diapers discreetly. My DL activity is very personal and private. I want to keep it that way. Over the years, I have learned I can wear diapers almost all the time and get away with it. Nobody notices or even thinks about it.

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