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    Came across a link to this short little article article while wandering around the Internet and I thought it could be of some interest. I don't see that the author has any special credentials but I don't think that's necessarily required. What encouraged me most was that something like this appeared outside a fetish setting. I thought the comments were informative as well.

    Comments on the article or any other observations on how discreet weirdness might be getting more positively accepted are welcome.

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    This article only really seems to relate to fairly tame fetishes. What if something doesn't harm you, or anyone else, but it's soooo out there that even if you have self-acceptance for it, it still feels dirty and wrong? Compared to a lot of fetishes, ABDL is very innocuous, but a lot of people - even those who claim to accept it - still feel some sense of disgust or disdain for it. We only need look as far as the forums here to see that.

    Your 'libido' may make you feel one way, but what about emotional psyche or personal convictions? They hold a lot of people back from true acceptance.

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    it was okay, i suppose, but very much of the now; and 'the now' isn't one of the last decade or so, i mean the one of the past two or three centuries, in which everbody in the 'developed' world has been bathed in a notion of socio-technological [rapid] change being the norm. his perspective seems to be 'we need to go somewhere with this'.
    i don't agree.

    another issue i have is with the popular notion of 'if it isn't harming anyone, there's no problem', as this begs the question of 'how does one know that it isn't harming someone?' that is, that harm can also be mental/emotional/social in nature and not just physical. it's a pity he didn't click onto that as it reflects upon all our own thoughts and behaviours (like, we aren't exactly like people of several hundred years ago, are we? why is that? why do we think and behave differently from them?). this is an issue as it ties in with my observation of [what 'we' regard as] intelligence is a form of madness, or mental deficiency, and all of the historical and social needs that would allow for such madnesses to become not merely 'the norm', but to be revered and idolized and placed above all else.
    and if you hold that to be an 'over-thinking' of the situation, isn't that proof?

    and, as aveering into the nethers as the above may seem, it's all about balance: a balance of mind and body, master and slave, town and country, now and then, love and lust, and public and private.
    the vast bulk of our problems, as individuals and as societies, are due to a simple imbalance.

    summarily, as much as i accept that i have a body and that my body has needs (including, it's airing), it's a thing which is best clothed, in public.......or, at least the sticky bits are.

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