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Thread: NUK Medic Pro L: Discontinued?

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    Default NUK Medic Pro L: Discontinued?

    It looks like pacifiersrus is not going to be carrying the NUK Medic Pro L (5) anymore....

    There are still a few floating around on Amazon, and certainly on Ebay, but have they been discontinued?

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    I don't think so, on their website they appear to still be on stock, and my BF just got a couple of pacis from them (ordered a couple of weeks ago), one of which featuring the NUK 5.

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    I got one from Amazon about a month ago....I dont think they were in limited supply at the time

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    There are only 7 in stock now on Amazon...

    And here's a link to pacifiersrus' webpage that states they are going to completely silicon: VDB16

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    I am Kinda bummed about this but then again I think the silicone will hold up better. When i was using regular sized pacifiers they silicone lasted much longer. I am interested to see what they are like. And I will be ordering one in a week or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbenaLeaf View Post
    And here's a link to pacifiersrus' webpage that states they are going to completely silicon: VDB16
    I see, is silicone that bad compared to NUK 5?

    They even say it's better, although I've got no idea not having personally tried any of those.

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    Maybe the silicon is better. It needs to be just as soft for me, though. I tend to bite down extremely hard at night.

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    the site is making their own pacifiers now. It seems like they could just be stopping sales of nuk 5's on their end to force people to use theirs regardless if they are better quality or not. This would only give them more profit.

    Nuk Medic Pro's are used by other people then just AB's for oral therapy as the pamplet in the boxes say. so until I hear word from Nuk itself I don't think they are going anywhere. Plus they are cheaper on fetware.

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