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Thread: Adaptations by Adrian Order?

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    Default Adaptations by Adrian Order?

    I am going to give this store a try, 64USD for a set of PJs that open and close in the back, Full Length Knit or Fleece Suits - Long Legs and Sleeves I am going to give them a try to see how it goes. (I also picked up 2 snug as a bug PJs, and 3 onesies from babykins, along with 7 more diapers and 7 more plastic pants, so I can do them in the wash about 1 to 2 times a week max)

    So Adaptations by Adrian Order? and what was your experiences. Hope to have everything by Thursday or Friday.

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    I used them and I like them.
    I have their Smart-T bodysuits.
    The lady who runs the company seems nice and I read that she has a son with special needs.
    I don't think that she is AB aware.

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    I am super excited to try this store. I am really interested in their kick back suits as well as their back zip pjs, but for now I don't have the $137 for a few pairs of pajamas. I hope you will post some pics when they arrive and tell us about them.

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    So did you do your order?
    If so, let us know what you think about it.

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    I have 5 of the knit pajammas and 5 of the fleece pajammas and they are high quality.I have had mine for 5 years and don't show any wear.

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    Yes I ordered, still have not gotten them, but they make them custom so I expect it might take some time. They have not charged my card yet. Any one else that ordered, how long did it take you to get yours? I am looking forward to it.

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    Before you order you can call or email what color and size she has in stock.They make runs of mediums for a week or two and then 2 weeks of making size small ect.

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