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Thread: First time wearing in public

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    So today after church I decided to lay down for a bit, so I padded my self and laid down and watch some show on netfilx via the iPad and all of the coffee and water I had drank at church came out so I changed into a dry diaper and set about doing my time sheets for work. I have a general rule of if I'm wearing a diaper, I have to use it before I can remove it. (No sense in wasting a disposable... I put tape over the tapes to keep them from coming unstuck. So removing the diaper would end up tearing the plastic covering.) and before I had used the fresh diaper I left to go take my time sheets to the office.

    Now, the company I work for generally operates Monday through Friday with the occasional Saturday. At 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday, the office should be deserted, right? Nope, I had a coworker who must have pulled up seconds before I did that was trying to figure out the code for the back door (she hasn't come though that door in a while...) So here I am, at the office, with a coworker and her husband wearing a diaper and hearing every crinkle that the diaper made.

    I don't think she heard anything. (IF she did, she didn't say anything...) I used the diaper shortly thereafter and thought that I was leaking all the way home...

    All in all, a fun experience, one that I will be repeating at some point.

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    Sounds like a good time - I'd just be careful as coworkers finding about your diapers could be a career changing experience.

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    Statistically, the odds of running across someone at the office is low. We only have 30 employees including our office staff and field staff. I wasn't planning on anyone being there, but once I pulled up, I couldn't just throw the van in reverse and leave, the coworker was calling others to find out what the code for the back door was. (she hasn't come in the back door in months). She had actually called me a few seconds before I pulled up.

    There was noise as we entered the building, and the hvac was running when we entered the area where we work, both covered the sound of the crinkle. I, of course heard every crinkle loudly... Although it is nice not having to worry about findings potty if one is needed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedPanda View Post
    Sounds like a good time - I'd just be careful as coworkers finding about your diapers could be a career changing experience.
    Career changing.....changing. I get it...haha.

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    I like wearing in public. There is the possibility of getting caught but the desire to keep it a secret which makes it fun for me.

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    It was interesting, but not as nerve wracking as some other things I've done for some reason...

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    wearing out to me is fun and adds to the whole experience. I rarely wear to work, but when I go to the malls on the weekends, I will wear. Or going to wal-mart type places.

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    I wasn't planning on wearing to work when it happened. I just can't stand to waste a diaper. I haven't been to walmart or anywhere like that yet, that might happen this weekend.

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    I have had experiences where I've been forced to wear to work, I happen to work for a family friend and one of my parents enjoys calling to see if they need anything done. I was going to have a decent night's sleep while padded, and all of a sudden my mom barged into my room at around 7:00 AM. Talk about ruining a nice day, as I was not able to change out of it before leaving. So I had to deal with sweaty padding while working.

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