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Thread: Pull-on types versus tape-up types

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    Default Pull-on types versus tape-up types

    OK, with me having to wear all the time now in case of leakage I've been using pull-up type diapers. The only problem is that they tend to shift around at night. I've got up a few times in the morning with one half of my butt hanging out. I don't know if it's because they're slightly too big or what.

    I'm using large Assurance at the moment, which really are not that great (they're way too big. I didn't get them though, someone else picked them up for me and I didn't want to quibble. Even the mediums in this brand shift on me.). I had medium Tena pullups and they didn't do it, but they were also slightly too small. I kept tearing the tops off trying to pull them up.

    My question is, are the tape-up types better at not shifting around? If they are, I'll give them a try next time. Also, the few times I've completely lost it have seen me flooding completely out. It catches most of it, but then it comes out around the leg holes. Anything I should look for to stop that kind of thing?

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    I wear 24/7 and used the tape kind they work great pair pull ok but seem not hold much if heavy wetting and some time come off in your sleep so suggest you try tape see how like them

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    I'll have to see what they have at the store and maybe try a small packet of them. They seem like it would be easier to get a proper fit.

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    I wear 24/7 so i personally prefer the tape on because they hold more and are better made,there thicker

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