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Thread: I need a good diaper that can swell big,need the big feeling between legs

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    Default I need a good diaper that can swell big,need the big feeling between legs

    i want a adult diaper that swells large because i love the feeling between my legs,and the waddling effect

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    dry 24/7's or cloth are your choices here, or put multiple smaller ones on

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    I would think since you need diapers you would have a good idea about the diapers on the market already that would meet your needs. Otherwise - it is the obvious ones mentioned a million times - 24/7, bambino, use baby diaper stuffers or booster pads.

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    I'm going to have to agree with the 24/7's, here. Those things are obscenely thick as is, and after one wetting it's like they swell twice as much. They hold a good 4 heavy wettings for me, and each time it seems like it isn't done swelling. I'm sure if you doubled them up they'd be even better...

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    Yes; that style of diaper thick so i don't have too slow down while painting where can i get a house full of them.

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    Dry 24/7's and Bambino gesundheit's (mine and binkygirl's nickname for the Bellisomo )

    I don't really like either of them, but they swell quite a bit.

    The gesundheit's I had had pretty crappy tapes and pin holes, but they were the Rev 1 (actually still called the "New Diaper" at the time.) I hear those issues have been resolved now though.

    The Dry 24/7's also have pretty crappy tapes. I usually have to beef them up with gorilla tape, because they are just too darn small. Also, they tend to leak on the first wetting for me and don't even THINK about wetting if you're "pointed up"... That's guaranteed disaster!

    Those are the best two choices if you want swelling as far as I know.

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    I bought some 24/7s they are amazing love how they swell between your legs,i just tried them today, the swelling was amazing.

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    They do swell amazingly, but I still really dislike them.

    For the price, they just feel really cheaply made.

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    As others have, I can vouch for the amazing swelling powers of the Bambino Bellissimos. They are fantastic and although I had one fail on me, I am looking forward to purchasing some from their 'revised' production line. ^^

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    There's always cloth and vinyl pants, if you are willing to go that route.

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