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Thread: Wet or messy best diaper experience

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    Default Wet or messy best diaper experience

    I am wondering what is everyones best wet and messy diaper experience. Mine was about 3 months ago at a beach.

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    you need to be a little more forthcoming with your experience my friend....... people will tell if you tell first....... unless your a troll........................

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    my experience was at the beach,i was wearing a dry 24/7 with plastic pants then swim trunks over that. so i had to go to the restroom really bad and the bathrooms were all taken,so i had to fill my diaper it was so saturated and full it was amazing,had to stay 3 hours in same diaper, so it was fun but a little uncomftorable, so then had to walk back to car for spare diaper, someone noticed the buldge so embarressing thank god a stall was then open to change, used quit a few wipes.

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    I am wondering if people will share their wet and messy diaper stories

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    I haven't really done anything in my diapers other than the usual "I-can't-find-no-restroom-but-I-have-a-diaper-but-I-don;t-want-to-use-it-yet" situation plenty of times.

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    Yeah for me it's always been more of a I put of a diaper and my roommates are out and about the house so I am kinda stuck in it for a bit. Considering I can hear them when they light a lighter in the living room I tHink they might hear the tapes.

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