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Thread: When Pokemon meet diapers...Cute or bad idea?

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    Default When Pokemon meet diapers...Cute or bad idea?

    Well......After I read on the internet that The Pokemon Company did think of the idea of diapers with Pokemon prints at one time but was shot down[Pokemon are too cute to say no,arnt they?]....Now im mad and taking matters into my OWN hands...

    So next month,Im going to make my first cloth diaper and the cloth will have Blaziken prints on it[Im ordering fabric from ebay]...Ha...Take that!!

    As I say sometimes to ideas...They say no,I secretly say yes,its possible!Anything is possible in this world

    Am I crazy with this idea and need to stop or should I continue what was said to be impossible.

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    I think it's awesome! I love pokemon, and pokemon themed diapers would just be fantastic!

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    Nice ide. I wish i had a Pikachu print diaper That should be so nice and cute.

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    The DL's like me have spoken,
    Yeaaay!!Next month when I do get it made,ill show you pictures[right now im broke but I get $35 allowance every month]

    Next month...the next impossible idea becomes reality.

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    How is the print you have looking at? Can you show some pitchers?

    Are you going to made diapers whit other Pokemon print on?

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    Nintendo 3DS says no links but just type ¨Blaziken fabric¨and look at web sites that go to ebay

    Since im not seeing other fabrics,sadly no...
    Im going to try to make it like a disposable diaper,so it will have that same feel...ill try to get a pic of the fabric

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    I find allot of Pikachu fabric. But maybe it is the wrong type of fabric.

    It should be nice to have a Footed sleeper like this: DPRTube - Footed sleeper#2 bad it dont was a sleeper you made to.

    DPRTube - Putting on footed sleeper

    Should be so nice to have a sleeper nice that.

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    ^^^Really?...Maybe Pikachu prints would sound cuter...You know what...never mind...
    Sorry to reverse the question ,You have any links?

    ...Oh! And this Nintendo 3DS dont have Flash so I cant see videos.

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    I dont know if this can be something: I dont know what type of fabric you are looking for.

    The video show a gay that wear a Pokemon sleeper in adult size whit the text Pokemon, Meow and Pikachu print on it. That should be so nice to have. I hope you have the chance to watch the video soon. You Should love what you see.

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    What im looking for in general is im looking for fabric[or fabric rolls would be better] that had Pokemon[please,no humans on it] prints all over it like this: POKEMON | eBay [just copy and paste it in your http search]

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