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Thread: 24/7 problems, advise needed

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    Default 24/7 problems, advise needed

    Recently ive decided to go 24/7. so far im loving the experience. my other half is very hands on and supportive, "so Whats the problem" i hear you say??

    Ive been wearing abenas for approxamatley 10 years now and up until recently was very happy with them, until they decided to change the backing!!!!!!! grrrr .... so heres the thing, i bought 4 boxes of M4s in anticipation of the change over and ive gone on a mission to find a nappy that is plastic backed that is good for everyday use. "good idea" i hear you say!! well it seems not...... the 4 boxes i bought are no good.... the leak guards keep breaking!!! i do put a soaker in (as i always do) but its not ideal.... ive had a few minor leaks im sure wouldnt have happened if the leak guards where up to scratch, so now ive got a shed load of M4s i dont fully trust......

    so on my quest of finding an alternative that is trust worthy i decided to try contisure maxi for at home and the plus for at work.( with soakers in of cousre ) i was impressed with the performance for the price. the day after i recived the trial pack from a company from bolton i thought i would bulk buy, only to be told that they are no longer stocking them...... grrrrrrrr .... the price was 8 per pack of 14 when you order 4 or more.... Great price....
    Not now, ive got to get them direct from the manufacturer at a cost that works out more than abenas..... Double grrrrrrr ....... i am waiting for a pack of euron to arrive so im hopping that these will be a good/cheap everyday nappy.....

    to add insult to injury, i wear a onsie to work (i drive trucks and need to be discrete) to keep my nappy hidden when i bend and such like and keep my wet nappy from sagging as sometimes i might have to go 8 hrs before i can change. ive been using abena body stockings and the position of the poppers is crap... its wrecking my legs.... i decided to go on a mission to find a sleveless onsie that wont rip my legs to bits at work with the cost of such not an issue as comfort is more importiant....... i ordered 1 from racketys at a cost, when i recived it and tryed it on it was obvious that it would be as bad if not worse than abena body stocking...... i then decided to search some more and guess what? NO ONSIES IN THE UK THAT ARE SUITABLE FOR MY NEEDS........................... tripple grrrrrrrrrrrr.................

    i wear plastic pants to work too, ( just as a precaution against leaks ) ive found the arizona pollyutherane pants to be ace, by the time i get my onsie on and my trousers they are really quiet, appart for the thickness of the elastic they work well at keeping me dry and cool, so in my infanate wisdom i bought a pair of pollyutherane pants from fetware with the thought that thicker elastic would be an advantage.... they arrived today and guess what, they are the loudest, crinkliest plastic pants ive ever clapped eyes on..... QUADRUPLE GRRRRRRRRRRR...................................... .............

    the only plus point is that ive found the perfect remedy to nappy rash. ( I do suffer as it can be quite sometime in a wet nappy before i can change ) zinc and castor oil is ace, double ace, and tripple ace........

    im at a loss as to what to do next...... im certian that im staying 24/7 thats for sure..... just dunno how im gonna go about it......... any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated........
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    When you say the onesie is wrecking your legs what do you mean? Are they rubbing and causing damage? You just have to keep trying different ones, perhaps take measurements wearing a diaper as most companies suggest you do so to get a better fitting onesie.

    I know you want to go 24/7 but perhaps you should stop until you have solved all your problems, if you're having problems keeping discrete then you should stop until you find a good diaper/onesie/plastic pants. There's no point continuing if you feel annoyed with the experience.

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    Im not annoyed with the experience kitten, in fact i love every minute of it. Im just annoyed with the sequence of events. the fit on the onsies ive bought is perfect, its just the possition of the popper studs that is un comfortable. The studs rub the inside of my legs and make them raw. ive been unable to source something that works so im now looking at other methods to keep my wet nappy up and also conseal it. Im happy with the arizona pants, just could do with thicker elastics on them. Im furious with abena though. i spent 120 on them and they are useless.... gonna give dorset supplies a ring tomoro and try and get them exchanged. a nappy with no leak guards is totally usless..... Im just venting really, and also looking for advise from others on the subjecs ive writen about.

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