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Thread: Abena Air-Plus 'premium' suck.

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    Default Abena Air-Plus 'premium' suck.

    I wish i got th plastic backed, the tapes are fowl, they dont hold so i cant get them tight which means i dont get a good, comfy fit. It's really pissed me off that this is my first premium diaper and this happens, ill be going plastic next time. only reason i didnt was because i wasnt sure id like plastic.

    And does anyone have trouble with Abenas fit? they dont feel right to me.

    Ive got some Tena Slip Supers and im enjoying them so much more than the abenas...

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    I've never tried Abena but I've had some that the tape doesn't stick and its really frustrating!! When you pay a lot for them it gets even more frustrating

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    yeah exactly, and this was only time can order in awhile now because i did this while parents where away

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    They will be hard to figure out at first. Try this: Lie on your back, pull the top tape areas on both sides, to approximately where you plan on taping them. Don't tape them yet. Then, estimate where each top tape will land, and position it just below the very top of the front padding. Press, and rub to make sure it sticks on one side. Then, pull the other side and aim it towards where you put the other top tape. Tighten everything where it all seems to fit close so far. Next, position one bottom tape at a time, closer to the top tapes giving enough area to where any padding beneath will hold enough to prevent the lower tapes from seating themselves too far down. Then stand up, and pull on the front cloth-like side panels (the thin parts) so that those parts go all the way back, allowing more grip to the tapes and to keep everything reasonably tight. There is a trick to it. You just have to gain experience over time.

    There is ONE more thing to remember: These use a double tape system, with a blue part that sticks to the outer backing, and top part that sticks to the blue. If you need to unfasten/refasten for any reason (using the restroom, for example), remember to ONLY lift the white part of the tape, not the blue. The Abena AirPlus Premiums were designed for experienced technicians, to use on patients. They are also designed for adults with good dexterity who can reasonably predict when their bladders are likely to fail, and know the actions to take accordingly, and how to position and fit when they have to do a swap. This is NOT an ABDL product, and probably not for a beginning user, for that matter. I think you might be better off with Bambino next time you place an order, as they are far simpler to use with the taping panel than the dual tapes and cloth-like backing these Abenas use. Good luck. It will get better!
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    I made a rather long winded guide somewhere here on how to tape the Air-Plus.

    Honestly though, just buy the plastic version, it doesn't suck by default.

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    I bought a pack of Abena AirPlus diapers a few years ago and found that they leaked through the backing material. After using only 3 of them I donated the rest of the pack to

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5thgear View Post
    I bought a pack of Abena AirPlus diapers a few years ago and found that they leaked through the backing material. After using only 3 of them I donated the rest of the pack to
    Sounds exactly what I went through. I forced myself to use one for every two plastic-backed ones I had. It took forever, but I finished them before moving. Never going to make that mistake again ><

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    I have only purchased 2 cases of Air-Pluses....

    I still have most of both, even being 24/7 for a good long time now.

    It's sooo annoying that they feel so cold and clammy...

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